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PE News Finale 16.7.21

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Wow! We have reached the end of another year! The time has just flown by!
We finished our PE lessons for this year by taking lots of different equipment out on to the field and the children were tasked with creating their own games to play. What can I say? Amazing work! Some children chose to practise existing skills in games such as football, cricket and tennis. Some invented their own games while others climbed, swung and balanced their way across the adventure playground and Fort Lewis. Children worked in teams, small groups, pairs and on their own. There were no arguments, just fantastic teamwork and lots of fun and laughter!
Hayley's lessons were all about ultimate frisbee. She was super impressed with the throwing and catching skills that were on display! Everyone has thoroughly enjoyed the extra sessions and the opportunity to try out new sports!
It has been a year of very different formats. We began the year in school and were able to complete units of Invasion games skills, such as tag rugby, hockey, football and netball as well as health related fitness and yoga. Year 6 were able to complete part of a leadership unit which looked at the skills used in leading PE sessions.
After Christmas we were at home with online learning. We used adapted lessons to take part in athletics, cricket, dance, gymnastics, OAA, tennis and seated volleyball. We also had optional extras like Joe Wickes, PE with Tommy, Chance to Shine, Cosmic Kids yoga as well as games like fitness monopoly and snakes and ladders. It was so wonderful to see your pictures and videos as well as hearing about all of the amazing walks, runs and bike rides you all went on!
On our return to school we had a short term of athletics, followed by the net and wall and striking and fielding sports. We did badminton, rounders, volleyball, cricket and tennis.
We have had loads of after school sports clubs like tennis, rounders, multi sports, OAA, football, athletics, outdoor club and lacrosse, to name a few!
We introduced forest school into curriculum time as well as having an after school club and have also run several different gardening clubs.
It's been a funny old year but the children have been amazing both in school and at home!
We say goodbye to our wonderful year 6! I wish them all the luck in the world and hope they continue to shine in high school the way they have at Wybunbury Delves!!
Have a fantastic summer of fun and adventure and I will see you in September!
Mrs Jenkins

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