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PE News 7.5.21

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Well, it's been lovely weather for ducks this week, but not so much for outdoor PE! We had some weather disruption during every lesson but the children were superstars and took it all in their stride!
Years 1 and 2 continued our net and wall skills unit. This week we practised our tennis skills by starting with rolling the ball around the racket, focussing on small movements and keeping the racket balanced. We continued this whilst moving around and even had a race to see who could go the fastest while balancing the ball on the racket. We also tried bouncing the ball on the racket and bouncing it to a partner. Year 1 also did some Sonic the Hedgehog yoga when rain stopped play outside.
Years 3 and 4 also used the tennis rackets this week as it was too windy for badminton! We continued practising our racket skills with keepy uppies and trying to improve our underarm, overarm and backhand shots in partners and groups. We even found a bit of time for some trick shots as well! Year 4 were interrupted by rain towards the end of the lesson so moved inside for a game of snapchat memory fitness!
Years 3 and 4 have also had another rounders lesson with Mr Dale and Miss McCurrie.
Years 5 and 6 carried on with volleyball. We recapped our previous shots, bump, dig, spike and set and then moved on to a long serve. Using the overarm serve, we looked at how we can use our body weight and shoulder rotation to create more power. This enables us to make our serves go further and land towards the back of the court. Year 5 completed the snapchat memory fitness game when we were forced inside by a hailstorm!
There was no tennis and cricket this week due to bank holiday Monday.
Congratulations to Alfie in Y2 for completing his personal challenge booklet! Fantastic, well done!
Have a super weekend!
Mrs Jenkins

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