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It's been another week of brilliant work and super performances in our PE lessons!
Year 1 have continued their gymnastic unit on balancing and spinning on points and patches. They worked on the benches and mats to create short sequences of balances and travelling. They were tasked with finding the most inventive way of travelling and they certainly rose to the challenge! They also learned a secret trick of focussing on one object when balancing to help them to stop wobbling. Some children even managed to hold their balances for 10 seconds!
Year 2 carried on their Space dance. They began with a brilliant set of warm up stretches from Max and Alex P and then followed with the space themed Just Dance workout. Afterwards, they travelled back from outer space with the BBC radio space dance that took them past binary stars and black holes and finally landing back on Earth.
Year 3 continued their Outdoor Adventurous Activity unit. The weather was, unfortunately, very cold and damp so after the daily mile we decided to switch to indoors to complete our team challenges. The first challenge involved taking rows of coloured cones, set out in a colour coded grid, and rearranging them so that no cones of the same colour were next to each other. Our next challenge involved mini relays of matching maths sums to their correct answers and finding and grouping words that were synonyms and antonyms.
Year 4 have continued their gymnastics unit. They used benches to sequence a series of balances and ways of travelling. They were challenged to find unique ways of travelling on and off the benches and performing balances individually, in pairs and in groups. They were very inventive with some amazing performances!
Year 5 have carried on their dance unit based on the Victorians. They have added their Victorian nursery rhymes, which they converted into dances and the chance choreography from last week, to the rest of their dance. They also decided they wanted to add a 'pickpocket' scene to the end of the dance next week.
Year 6 continued Health Related Exercise. They completed more Joe Wicks Hiit sessions and then did a series of exercises designed to improve strength and flexibility. They finished off outside with a quick recap of the rules and throws of netball and some fun practise with shooting.
Well done everyone, a wonderful week!
Have a lovely weekend.
Mrs Jenkins

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