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PE News 14.5.21

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We've had another busy week in PE where we're half way through our units for this half term. The weather is still causing a bit of disruption but all classes have managed to work on the field.
Years 1 and 2 continued our net and wall skills unit. This week Year 1 got to grips with volleyball. We learned how to cross our hands over and squeeze our thumbs together to be able to bump the ball with straight arms. In year 2 we practised our tennis skills by working on ball control and learning to keep our bodies in a T position to allow us to swing our rackets through when we hit the ball.
Year 3 also used the tennis rackets again this week as it was too wet for badminton! We continued practising our keepy uppies and started working on our footwork. How quickly could we move around the court to get the ball?
Year 4 were able to use the badminton rackets and shuttlecocks and worked hard through a variety of drills to improve our footwork forward, backwards and side to side as well as improving our foot speed. We also played badminton golf!
Years 3 and 4 have also had another rounders lesson with Mr Dale and Miss McCurrie.
Years 5 and 6 carried on with volleyball. We practised our previous shots, bump, dig, spike and set and introduced blocking. We used our new nets to organise our small teams on a court, with players taking up positions front, centre and back, each with a particular purpose. We also played volleyball golf!
Years 5 and 6 also completed cricket and tennis with Miss Welch and Mrs Burns.
Well done everyone, some fantastic performances this week. It's so lovely to see your hard work paying off!!
Have a super weekend!
Mrs Jenkins

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