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PE News 11.6.21

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Welcome back to the final half term of the year!
We've been blessed with some lovely sunshine and warmer temperatures this week.
We have started new units of work as well as beginning our lessons with Hayley from Sports Coaching. In Hayley's lessons we all tried American Flag Football, which was great fun! Each week we will have a new experience trying a new sport. I wonder what it will be next week?
Year 1 & 2 started our striking & fielding unit. We played a reaction time game, where we had to work in pairs with one dropping the ball and the other trying to catch it. We also practised picking a ball up with both hands and started using the bats to hit a ball along the floor.
Year 3, 4 & 6 have begun a cricket unit. We also played the reaction game. We challenged ourselves to move from having our hands by our sides, before we caught the ball, to trying hands on head, in the air and behind our backs! We also played a fielding relay game which saw us picking up a ball with one hand, transferring it to the other and putting it down. We then moved on to a batting game where the fielders have to pass the ball around each of them while the batter is scoring runs. When the ball returns to the first fielder, the batter stops running.
Year 5 have started our tennis unit. We spent some time underarm throwing and catching the ball, making sure we kept a bounce in the middle, just like a tennis rally. Then we used the rackets to roll the ball around and practise bouncing the ball in the air, working on our racket control skills. Afterwards, we had a go at short rallies using the rackets.
A super week, lots of hard work and lovely, smiley faces! Well done everyone!
Have a lovely weekend!
Mrs Jenkins

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