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Happy Half Term Year 4!

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Over the past couple of weeks, year 4 have been very busy.

In our English lessons we have completed our 'innovation' write. During this process, I modelled another recount based on tsunami. As we carefully crafted each paragraph, we considered the punctuation and vocabulary we would need. When writing our paragraph on an eye witness report, we learnt how to use embedded clauses and speech. After we completed our 'innovation' write, we moved on to plan our own 'imagination' write on a natural distaster. The children could based there story on either a tsunami, earthquake, eruption or tornado. They were then able to add their own details. Using everything we had considered and learnt over the last two weeks, children were able to write their own recount.

In our SPAG lessons we have been learning how to spell words ending in 'true '. In particular, we learnt how to spell future, furniture, nurture, nature, picture, adventure and mixture.

In our maths lessons over the past two weeks, we have moved on to learning how to divide 2 and 3 digit numbers by other 1 digit numbers. To learn how to divide effectively we have used the part-whole model. By partitioning a number into parts which are divisible by the number we are dividing by, we are able to work these out with ease. When have then moved on to use our knowledge of multiplication and division to help with problem solving.

We have been up to lots of different things in our afternoons over the last two weeks. As part of interfaith week, year 4 spent a time last week learning about Javanese culture. Our book is set in Java and using the iPads and books in our classroom, we were able to research what culture, religion and life is like in Java. After finding out about the make up of religions in Java, we looked more closely at the similarities and differences between these religions and learnt more about Islamic and Hindu faith. Finally, we explored what different religious symbols are used within different faiths and what the meaning of this is. Using everything we had learnt throughout the week, we created our own 'painted elephants' similar to Hamlet – the elephant character in our story. He is decorated in different sayings and words so we used this idea to decorate our own elephants with symbols, patterns and pictures which represented Javanese faith.

In our science lessons, we completed our work on switches. The children used split pins and bulldog clips to make their own switches which they were then able to test out using a basic circuit. The children were asked to predict whether their switches were going to work, test their switch and the record their findings.

In Art this week, we have started our new topic. This term, the children will be creating their own Batik designs. After learning about the process of Batik, the children looked at different examples of Batik designs. They then created their own in their sketch books. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be creating and creating our own Batik material for our studywork front covers.

During our history lessons this week, the children used a hot seat activity to experience what life was like for the different classes of people within the Shang Dynasty. Children took on the roles of different people and were interviewed about their life from the rest of the class. The children loved thinking about what life would have been like and what we already knew and could expand on.

During our music lessons, year 4 have discussed how to find the pulse. They practised playing C D E F and G to the 12 Bar Blues. Later, they then focussed on playing C D and E. C for 2 beats, D for 2 beats and E for 4 beats. Using these skills, they learnt to play this as a legato (longer note). Also, they learnt to play quieter and with more control and to take a bigger breath and play smoother and softer.

As part of internet safety week, year 4 looked at how to stay safe when creating an account online. We discussed what personal information should be shared online – we discussed how children should use a unrecognisable username, character instead of a photo, not using their age or address and not giving out any information which is personal to them. The children then spent some time on Interland learning how to create safe passwords and act responsibly online. The children then spent the rest of the afternoon developing their coding skills on code studio. To end our week, we continued to expand our knowledge of French vocabulary.

I hope you all have a fantastic half term!

Miss Welch

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