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E-Safety Week at Wybunbury

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https://esafetywd.weebly.com/useful-links.html – You can access all things online safety right here!

It was all about being safe online last week at Wybunbury! Each class took the time to discuss the important issue of online safety – check out some of the news from the past week...


As it was safer internet day on Tuesday we did some work around E-safety! You all shared your ideas of E-safety e.g 'it's when you make sure you only go on an iPad when an adult is near you so they can make sure you're going on the right stuff.' Or 'it's when you only go on the apps your mummy tells you to go on' we then watched and listened to a story about several monsters in a monster school. They were having an online drawing competition that was posted online but unfortunately someone had written unkind comments. We spoke about some people become more confident when people don't always know who they are. We also spoke about how unkind comments online would make you feel and who you would report it too. You then all created your own pictures for competition and we all said positive comments about each person's work.


In computing, we have continued our coding lessons and also we had our about E Safety lesson. We talked about being safe when playing games online and what you can do if something comes on your device that you don't like or doesn't make you feel safe. You gave some great answers. We will see PC Nick after half term too for our next esafety lesson.


On Tuesday it was Safer Internet Day! We took the opportunity to discuss lots of online issues...From selfies to sharing information, we covered lots. It was great to hear such grown up answers in response to questions. We focused upon the importance of online identify and that although we can change ourselves online (avatars, usernames and characters) that we still have a reasonability to be kind and safe! We played Interland to consolidate our e safety learning...


As part of internet safety week, year 4 looked at how to stay safe when creating an account online. We discussed what personal information should be shared online -- we discussed how children should use a unrecognisable username, character instead of a photo, not using their age or address and not giving out any information which is personal to them. The children then spent some time on Interland learning how to create safe passwords and act responsibly online. The children then spent the rest of the afternoon developing their coding skills on code studio.


This week has also been E-Safety week for Wybunbury Delves. Using our knowledge from last week, we recapped what it meant to be a good digital citizen. With that in mind, we then looked at different scenarios and tried to establish whether each example was a good way to act online or whether it wasn't. This led to some fantastic discussions. Good work team.


We have thought carefully about using the internet this week on our Safer Internet Day. Y6 discussed this area fully and knew how to stay safe on this forum. From keeping their passwords unique and private, to understanding the importance of not sharing personal information. We discussed different areas of concern. Our day ended playing Interland and embedding this learning.

We also have PC Nick coming up in next week to deliver e-safety sessions from pre-school all the way up to Y6!

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