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Year 6

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Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 is taught by Mrs Chesters and Miss Lake.

Autumn Term 2016

Study work

Our focus for the year is survival, settlement and society

Once upon a time there was a world...a world full of miracles. From the whirl of the tiniest particles to its spinning orbit in the unthinkable vastness of space, this world danced with miraculous life...The people feasted upon their ripe world. Endless, they harvested its lands and seas. They grew greedy, ravaging the planet's bounty of miracles. Their waste and destruction spread like a plague until a day came when this plague struck at the very heart of the miraculous dance. And the people saw, too late, their savage desolation of the world...
Is this where we stand now, right here on the brink?
Prologue from Exodus by Julie Bertagna

This term we will be reading Exodus by Julie Bertagna (ISBN: 0-330-39908-X). The book is set in the future, 100 years from now, after Global Warming has taken affect on the world. In a desperate bid for survival Mara and her friends sail for a new life in a new world.
The holistic plan for our term can be found here.

Our Week

Our mornings are mainly dedicated to English and Maths work. In the afternoons we will be concentrating on all the other subjects and feeding these into our studywork books.
Miss Lake will teach Mondays and Tuesdays, Mrs Chesters Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. PE will be with Sportscape on a Friday afternoon.


In readiness for high school in Year 6 we have a homework timetable and homework is related to English and Maths. This will increase during the spring term as we prepared for SATS.
It needs to be completed and ready to discuss on the allocated day. Homework is marked and discussed as a whole class activity and will not be marked if late. An email will be sent home if homework is not completed and in school

Homework Timetable — (Subject to change across the year)

Reading: expectation that this is equivalent to 1and 1/2 hours a week minimum (can be completed however you wish). A range of reading needs to be completed across the year.

MondayEnglish Grammar, punctuation and spelling booklet — pages to be completed allocated weekly
TuesdaySpelling homework sheet and statutory words to learn set
WednesdayReading Records/library time and book recommendations
ThursdayMaths book — pages to be completed allocated weekly
FridayMyMaths online homework


Being in Year 6 comes with much more responsibility as you all have new 'jobs' which help with the running of school. We hope you develop these jobs and carry them out with enthusiasm, taking pride in the work you accomplish. Many of you will be required to carry out work in your own time and be creative when planning activities. You will also be given a short amount of time each week to prepare our Year 6 worship (Fridays).You will find your jobs rewarding too!
You also all have buddies from our reception class and they will rely on you for help and friendship. This is a very important role as the reception class need to settle into the routines of school life. We know you will all support them and make them feel welcomed into the Wybunbury family!


You will all be looking forward to this!! This residential visit is a chance for you to face new and exciting challenges and also have plenty of FUN!! It is such a fantastic opportunity and I know it is an experience you won't forget — ever! More information will follow soon.

Year 6 Pastoral Meeting

Information to follow

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