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Out of School Club Welcome Pack

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Out of School Club Welcome Pack

We provide care for our children out of school hours. Children can play with friends, choose to complete their homework, participate in a range of activities and crafts or just choose to relax in our warm, friendly environment run by a dedicated team of staff.
We liase closely with teachers and daily pass on information which ensures continuity between settings.
Children from the age of 3 can be registered to attend on a regular basis or pattern to suit parents working shifts. We also accept children on an ad-hoc basis should parents be experiencing difficulty in collecting after school subject to a booking being made, a place being available and a higher charge.

Wybunbury Delves Out of School Club Aims
We aim to:
1. Provide a safe and nurturing environment before and after the school day which reflect the school's values and ethos.
2. Provide an environment in which children feel happy and secure and are encouraged to talk, and are listened to.
3. Provide a breakfast, snack and light tea.
4. Provide opportunities for a wide range of play, physical and creative activity.
5. Provide opportunities for quiet time and quiet play and relaxation.
6. Provide opportunities to complete homework.
7. Provide opportunities for the development of positive relationships including trust, acceptance and tolerance
8.Promote equal opportunities for all.

Wybunbury Delves Out of School Club Staff
OOSC Manager — Clare Cliffe
OOSC Deputy Supervisor — Jo Seville / Alex Taylor
Play Workers — Libby Isaac; Donna Moulson; Sarah Collings
Headteacher — Mrs Chesters
Senior Teacher and Safeguarding Lead — Miss McCurrie

Wybunbury Delves Out of School Club Sessions
OOSC operates in two sessions each day. Up to date costs can be found in our terms and conditions.

  • From 7.30am — 8.45am — 1 hour 40 min session
  • Breakfast provided until 8.30am
  • Children handed over to class teachers 8.40am

    The AFTERNOON / AFTER SCHOOL session short

  • From 3.15pm — 4.30pm 1 hour 15 minute session
  • Light snack at start of session provided
  • Children handed to parent/carer at 4.30pm prompt (Late pick up will be charged at the long session)

    The AFTERNOON / AFTER SCHOOL session long

  • From 3.15pm — 6.00pm 2 ¾ hour session
  • Light snack at start of session provided
  • 4.30pm light tea provided in the school hall
  • Children handed to parent/carer by 6.00pm prompt — late pick up incurs charges.

    Wybunbury Delves Out of School Club will offer Holiday Club on certain dates throughout the year. These will be advertised at the beginning of the half term before the holiday.

    The HOLIDAY CLUB session

  • From 8am — 4.30pm
  • Breakfast will be served from 8am until 8.30am.
  • Lunch is from 12:00 to 1.00pm (packed lunch from home)
  • Tea is not provided
  • A snack will be offered mid-morning and mid-afternoon.
  • Children handed to parent/carer by 4.30pm prompt — late pick up incurs charges.

    Booking Information
    Please send your booking requests to oosc@wybunburydelves.co.uk and indicate whether the session(s) you require are regular or casual. Session requests will be confirmed by email if places are available.
    Cancellation of places requires 48 hours notice — cancellations received within 48hours will be charged for.
    A Registration Form and the Terms and Conditions will be sent with the confirmation of sessions. Both of these documents need to be completed and returned to school before sessions can start.
    Sessions are invoiced weekly via ParentPay.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if my child is ill; do I still need to pay?
    Please let the school know if your child will be absent for a booked session due to illness and notify school if it is a communicable disease, so that we inform parents of any vulnerable children or safeguard vulnerable adults in school eg pregnant staff. Unfortunately, sessions must still be paid for even if your child is ill.

    How much notice do you require if I wish to cancel my child's place?
    48 Hours notice must be given for cancellation of any bookings for OOSC and/or Holiday Club. Cancellation requests will be acknowledged by email. All sessions booked between cancellation notification and end of the 48 hours period must be paid for.

    What if my child has a problem settling into Wybunbury Delves Out of School Club?
    Some children, no matter how confident, can find it difficult settling at before or after school club. Having said that, the majority of children do settle very well, which allows staff the time to offer extra support to those who need it. Each child and situation is different. If you are concerned, please speak to a member of staff and we can work out the best way forward for you and your child.

    What happens at the start of the school day (8.40am)?
    Preschool, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children are taken across to school at 8.40am by a member of OOSC staff. The other children stay in club until the teaching staff open the main school doors. Children in Year 3 to Year 6 make their way to their school door independently, the club manager monitors this. Any messages for teachers are relayed to them by the club manager.

    What happens at the end of the school day (3.15pm)?
    Pre-school children are brought across to club by the pre-school staff; Reception, Year 1, Year 2 are collected from their classrooms and are walked across by a member of staff; children in Year 3 to Year 6 are expected to make their own way to the club independently, after their teacher has released them from the class door, they will be signed in at OOSC. Teachers are provided with a daily list of children who are attending club that night. They will have a snack of water and a piece of fruit on arrival. Children attending school clubs are brought across to the club once it finishes.

    What will my child eat at Wybunbury Delves Out of School Club?
    The school has to meet food-based standards. In planning what is provided for the children to eat and drink, attention has been given to these standards and also to the lunchtime menu provided by the school kitchen to ensure a balanced diet especially for those who have a hot lunch in school and attend OOSC until 6pm.
    Breakfast: A breakfast of cereal or toast/similar and fruit will be provided. There will be a drink of milk, or water if preferred, or fresh orange/apple juice.
    Snack: At the start of the afterschool session all children will be offered a snack and a drink of water. The snack may be bread sticks, vegetable sticks or a piece of fruit. There will be variety across the school week.
    Light Tea: The Light Tea will complement the snack given to ensure variety and a balanced diet as well as the school's lunchtime menu. It may be a bowl of soup, hot dogs, beans/cheese on toast, jacket potato with a filling or similar followed by a yoghurt, a piece of fruit or jam tarts, ice-cream. Food will be varied throughout the year. Tea is served in the school hall, we ask that parents/carers do not pick up between 4.30pm and 5pm to allow all the children to eat their tea without rushing, but if this is unavoidable then please pick up from the main hall outside door.
    Children will be given the opportunity to help in the setting up for breakfast and tea time. The children will be encouraged social chat and the develop friendships as they sit and enjoy their food together. The children help to choose the food and plan the menu for the week.

    What if my child is allergic to something or is a fussy eater?
    The children are encouraged to try everything, but if your child has any strong dislikes or allergies please inform us. If your child is a fussy eater at home you may find that at OOSC he/she will happily eat what others are eating. Your child will never be forced to eat.

    How is my child expected to behave at OOSC?
    OOSC is not school. However, as in every community it is necessary for there to be basic rules on behaviour. Certain rules regarding safety MUST be observed and ALL CHILDREN will be expected to follow them. Most rules at OOSC serve two needs; they prevent your child from doing something undesirable and, in turn, protect him/her from having something unpleasant done in return. Other rules will teach the children the importance of using equipment correctly and some rules are concerned with common courtesies such as learning to share toys, co-operate with others etc. Your child will soon learn what acceptable behaviour at OOSC is.

    What if my child misbehaves?
    When your child starts OOSC he/she will be expected to accept the rules. Our policy is to use praise and encouragement. The club uses yellow card warnings and a red card, in-line with the school behaviour policy. If this is a regular occurrence with your child, we will inform you of this. It is hoped that by speaking with parents we can work out ways of dealing with any behaviour issues. If behaviour regularly disrupts club and the other children, and in working with family the behaviour persists, we will withdraw the use of OOSC from that particular child.

    What if my child becomes ill?
    We will ask at the beginning of the year for your permission to provide us with three contact numbers which we can use in an emergency. If your child becomes ill or has an accident while attending OOSC we will contact you immediately using your Emergency Contact Number(s). Please ensure that you inform us if any of the contact numbers change in the course of the year.

    What will my child be doing at OOSC?
    He/she will experience a great variety of activities. There will always be the opportunity for children to complete homework or read to an adult / another child. Activities offered could include:

  • construction play (e.g. Duplo, Lego)
  • drawing / colouring / arts and crafts
  • stories and together time
  • listening activities
  • board games
  • fully supervised free play outdoor using the school's outdoor adventure trail, games / sport equipment
  • sometimes film nights will be offered
  • the computer will be available for on-line homework completion.
  • themed activities take place throughout the year.
    Our children are encouraged to help with the planning of activities. OOSC should feel more relaxed and be an extension of home in school.

    What will my child need to bring to OOSC?
    He/she will need their usual items for school. They will be in their school uniform and need to be ready for the current weather conditions e.g. warm coat, sun-cream, hat and gloves.

    What will my child need to bring for holiday club?

  • Suitable clothes for the activity of the day e.g. sportswear, trainers, old clothes, spare clothes, wellies or a sun hat, Some activities do get quite messy so please do not send your child in clothes or footwear you would not wish to get dirty.
  • A coat
  • Hat and gloves if the weather is cold
  • Sun cream if the weather is good!
  • A packed lunch

    Who can pick up my child?
    For security reasons we ask that it is always an adult who drops your child off and collects your child from OOSC. Please do not send them with older brothers and sisters. Each day your child must be 'signed in' and 'signed out'. This simply lets staff know who has dropped them off and who will be collecting them. Your child will not be allowed to go home with another person, unless email confirmation of change has been received. Should you need to change the details of the person collecting your child at the end of afternoon session, please contact us.

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