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Out of School Club
Terms and Conditions 2019/20

Out of School Club and Holiday Club have to meet their running costs. We are unable to subsidise this extended school service from the school budget. Therefore if its running costs are not met by its customers, the service would have to be withdrawn. These terms and conditions allow us to support the staffing and other organisational requirements needed to run the provision safely and effectively. In using the club's service you agree to the terms and conditions.

a. Prior to your child attending Wybunbury Delves Out of School Club you will be asked to complete a child's registration form. In order for us to best met their needs, you must disclose any relevant medical conditions affecting your child including any dietary requirements, allergies and sensitivities and also any additional needs your child may have.
b. There is a limit of 30 children.
c. The club operates for children of Wybunbury Delves CE Primary School who are aged 3-11 during term time. Holiday club may be offered to children (3-11 years) in the local area at our discretion.
d. If at any time during the course of this agreement there is any change to your contact address or telephone numbers you need to notify us at your earliest opportunity. This applies to all additional contact details you have registered with us such as grandparents and friends.
e. These terms will become binding once your booked session has been confirmed, at which point you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.
f. The club operates under the Policies of Wybunbury Delves CE Primary School. Policies are available on the website and parents will be notified if and when changes to these policies are made. Paper copies of all policies are available on request.
g. Anyone collecting your child must be named on your child's registration form. If anyone other than those named on your registration form arrive to collect your child, we will make contact with you to confirm the identity of the unknown party, before we allow your child to be released to them. They must provide your password. Please ensure you email any changes to pick up arrangements to oosc@wybunburydelves.co.uk prior to the start of the session.
h. Whilst every reasonable care is taken we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to your child's property.
i. Terms and Conditions (T&C's) may be changed by Wybunbury Delves Out of School Club in order to improve our service. This would be done with at least 1 month's written notice to you.

a. All bookings must be paid for. If you do not use a confirmed session that is booked, because for example, your child is sick or on holiday it must still be paid as the session was held specifically for your child. This is equally applicable to regular bookings and casual bookings confirmed booked sessions.
b. If you fail to pay for your booked sessions when payment is due, we reserve the right to end this agreement immediately and cease providing childcare services.
c. Invoices will be sent out, via ParentPay, weekly.
We have to monitor non-payment of services and take action if outstanding payments reach a threshold. This will be defined as:

  • £25 per child for school dinners debt or
  • £75 per child for OOSC or
  • Preschool invoice not paid within 4 weeks or
  • Total debts to school services (Dinners/OOSC/Preschool) exceed £100 per child
    Once the threshold has been reached, school will contact you regarding the outstanding payment. Non-payment towards services used could lead to the use of them being withdrawn for your child.
    d. It is not possible to swap any booked sessions.
    e. Payments are to be made via ParentPay, or childcare vouchers.
    f. If you do find yourself being unable to pay the invoice, please speak to Kate Hughes (School Business Manager) at the earliest opportunity so that we can come to an agreement about how the invoice will be settled.

    a. If your child will not be attending a booked session for any reason you must let us know as soon as possible.
    b. Bookings and cancellations can be made by email, oosc@wybunburydelves.co.uk Please do not expect emails to be acknowledged outside of the extended school day (7.30am-6pm, Monday to Friday).
    c. Regular bookings are defined as bookings made for a ½ term; casual bookings are defined as bookings made with more than 24 hours notice for a one off session or sessions.
    d. All bookings will be confirmed by email. There may be times when the club is full due to the club limit being reached, in this instance we will not be able to take a booking for your child(ren) for that session.
    e. If the club has spaces on a session and a child without a booking arrives they will be allocated a space and charged accordingly. But if the session is fully booked you will be turned away.
    f. If booking is made for the longer sessions, either before or after school, and your child only stays for the short session, you will be charged for the session booked i.e. the longer session.
    g. Late pick up charges apply if a child is not collected on time.
    h. Invoices will reflect the sessions booked.

    a. If Wybunbury Delves Out of School Club are unable to provide a session which you have booked due to school closure a charge will not be made although we will not be liable for any of your other costs or expenses or for any inconvenience caused.
    b. If you wish to cancel your OOSC booking, 48 hours notice are required. If you do not give us the required notice you will be required to pay in full for each session for which notice has been given.


    a. We will only accept bookings to OOSC email: oosc@wybunburydelves.co.uk
    b. We cannot accept verbal bookings
    c. Charges for holiday club will be added to ParentPay immediately after booking is made and payment is due before your child comes to the session.
    d. If you wish to cancel a holiday club booking and you give us 48 hours notice or you will be charged for the sessions booked.
    e. Bookings can be taken during the holidays if you have a change of circumstances which mean you need our service -- 24 hours notice is required and it is subject to there being places available.
    f. Late collection charges apply if you are late picking up from the advertised session times.

    School reserves the right to decline an application or to withdraw places in the following incidences:
    a. where payments are in arrears for OOSC and/or Holiday Club
    b. where money is owed for other school services, e.g. Preschool and School Dinners
    c. in the event of persistent late pick-ups.
    d. in the event of repeated or inappropriate behaviour
    e. If Wybunbury Delves Out Of School Club is unable to meet the needs of a child, the school have the right to review the place allocated

    a. Out of School Club closes at 6pm. Any parent arriving after this time will be charged a late collection fee. Please see fees and charges.
    b. If a parent/carer is late collecting from the short after school session, after 4.30pm, the session will be charged at the long session rate.
    c. Late collection fees also apply to holiday club bookings if pick up is made after the advertised session time.
    d. On the instance of regular late collection we will have a discussion with you and we reserve the right to end this agreement immediately and cease providing childcare services.
    e. Where a child has not been collected by 6.30pm / half hour after the end of the session in the case of holiday club and attempts to contact the parent or nominated carer have failed the school will implement Safeguarding Procedures. At this point the After School Club staff will contact the Police and report the non-collection to the Duty Social Services contact.
    f. Any changes to pick up arrangements must be made in advance by phone (OOSC mobile) or by e-mail and must be made by the parent / carer.


    Should any parent/carer wish to discuss an issue around the Wybunbury Delves Out of School Club they should speak to the Out of School Club Manager in the first instance. After this discussion, if you feel your concern has not been resolved then you should contact the Head teacher. A copy of the school Complaints Policy is on our web site.

    a. Parent/carer must sign their child out of the club at the end of a session, filling in both the time and their signature.
    b. All children are expected to behave with safety and consideration of others in mind at all times. Any inappropriate behaviour will be discussed with parents/carers and logged, if necessary.
    c. Any continued disruptive behaviour may jeopardise your child's place at Wybunbury Delves Out of School Club in the future.
    d. The club operates under Wybunbury Delves CofE Primary School's Vision and Values and therefore expects the Club staff, children and parents to respect each other and to behave responsibly to each other.


    You can contact us via the school office on 01270 841302 or OOSC Mobile 07444363107
    You can also email us at oosc@wybunburydelves.co.uk

    FEES AND CHARGES 2019-2020

    There is a limit on the number of children in the club and we are unable to exceed this. The club manager will acknowledge your request and confirm a booking if there are place(s) available

    • Breakfast Club (7.30am to 8.40am ) — £6.00
    • After School Club (3.15pm to 4.30pm — short session) termly and regular bookings — £5
    • After School Club (3.15pm to 6.00pm — long session) termly and regular bookings — £10.00
    • Holiday Club 8am -- 4:30pm (To include breakfast only, packed lunch is required from home) £22.50
    • Late Charges, after 6pm — for the first 15 minutes £10 and £5 every 5 minutes onwards
    • After School Club Late Charges for late pick up on booked short sessions — you will be charged the session fee for the long session.
    • Holiday club late charges, after 4.30pm — for the first 15 minutes £10 and £5 every 5 minutes onwards
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