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We have had another successful and busy week in year 1 and you have continued to make me so proud...

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Years 5 and 6 were excited to join Mr Hadfield for their first after school session this week. As a...


Another week in Year 3 and we have learnt so much. In maths we have started our unit on fractions...

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Year1 newsletter

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What another busy week. I can't believe how fast this term is going! This week we have been amazing adders, angry passengers and experts at letter writing.
During English this week, we have thought about the normal passengers who wouldn't have been picked up by the hundred decker bus because he never went on his normal route. We thought about how they would feel and what they would have been late for. We used drama and role play to explore how the passengers would have been feeling when they weren't picked up. We used a hot seating activity where our angry passengers complained to the bus driver and said what they were late for. We then used freeze frames and pretended that we were at a bus stop and had just realised the bus was not coming. I then tapped you on the shoulder and you had to express how you were feeling, we had some MAD, FURIOUS, MEGA ANGRY AND TEARFUL passengers. You were that cross you scared me let alone the bus driver. We then explored different types of writing and we matched them up with their label. We thought what type of writing would be the best to use to complain to the bus driver about being late and we decided that we would write a letter. We looked at the structure of a letter and we un-jumbled one and put it in the right order. You were very good at this! We then planned our own complaint letter and then wrote it on Friday. The letters were very believable we had people who were late for the bmx track, dinosaur land, the fish and chip shop and the water park so no wonder you were all such grumpy passengers. It was lovely to see how proud you all were of your letters.
In maths we have finished our topic on part-whole models. I am very happy with how your confidence and resilience has improved during this tricky unit of work. I was so proud to see how everyone had a try at doing the part-whole models independently and you were not worried about making mistakes. We have also looked at how we can use the maths resources on our tables to visually see how we add the parts of a number sum together to get our answer. This topic is really going to help us with our new topic on addition and subtraction.
In science we got told that when the hundred decker bus went over the sea on a ferry some of the passengers dropped some of their belongings in the sea. We had to investigate which belongings would have floated and which belongings would have sank to the sea bed. You had some great scientific enquiries such as if the object was heavy it would sink but if it was light it would have floated. We predicted which objects would sink and float then we did the experiment at our tables in a group. You all had to identify the material which the object was made out of. We also watched a video which further explained more about sinking and floating about different materials.
On Friday we had a whole morning doing art and finishing our topic of canal art off. The children sketched their own piece of canal art in their new sketch book, then drew it on a polystyrene tile and then painted it using the colours we identified on all of the canal art in Rosy and Jim. We also enjoyed the rest of our Rosy and Jim book and watched one of the episodes whilst we were tidying up.
During computing you created your own pic collage on different types of trains. We looked at how we can change the background, font and colour of our writing. You then labelled your pictures and gave the collage a title. These are now on display in the classroom.
In Geography with Mrs Holland you looked at the similarities and differences of London and Wybunbury. You were all shocked at the population of London and how many people live there compared to Wybunbury. You are really enjoying your geography lessons and you are always using the language of physical and human features and even testing me.
In R.E we have continued to look at good news stories in the bible and during worship you have focused on taking responsibility and ownership of your own actions.
On Monday afternoon with Mrs Swan and Mrs Clinton you focused on some maths activities and sang along to a song about number bonds to 5. In your music lesson you all had a fantastic time whilst playing the glockenspiels and chime bars. You kept the pulse throughout the song and learned where 'c' is on your instruments.
This week we have had lots of fun by welcoming three mystery readers into the classroom, you insisted on giving me a birthday party on Thursday which made me feel very special. You have completed the daily mile 4 times and even talked about your goals you want to achieve on the daily mile. We then finished our week by playing some group games on Friday afternoon.
Thank you to everyone who came to parents evening it was lovely to meet all of you and to talk about the amazing progress your child is making in Y1. Thank you for continuing to support your child's learning by helping with their progress and achievements in school.
Hope you have all had a fabulous weekend!
Miss Haynes

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