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Year 6 News

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Another week has flown by! We have thoroughly enjoyed science week — finding examples of science to discuss, show and share in many different ways. We have asked some fascinating questions and investigated the answers.
The spider balls were fascinating — What will happen to them? Why does it happen? What if we put them into cold water? hot water? remove them from water? why are the images seen upside down when we look through them? why were are the hot water balls red and cold water green? if we swapped the balls to a different dish did the colour change? We can up we lots of questions!!!
We enjoyed a vinegar and bi-carbonate volcano, the egg in the jar experiment and many others.
Some children brought science kits and experiments from home — we enjoyed sharing them. Thank you for your eagerness and want to share!
The eclipse today was a great highlight to end of week of science. The pin-hole projectors worked a treat, being outside to experience turn to darkness and the coldness was great.
We have been busy with literacy and maths too! Continuing with our Rainforests theme for literacy, we have written letters and begun an information text. In maths we have been looking at shape with Mrs Jenkins and Mrs Chesters has been reviewing fractions with us.
Have a lovely weekend!
Mrs Chesters

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