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Year 5's Weekly News

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We've had a fantastic week in Year 5 with lots of new learning taking place along the way...

In English we began to look at writing to persuade and the language we could use to be persuasive in nature. We worked in groups to argue different viewpoints and then had debates defending our viewpoints. Children made sure to support their arguments with points, whilst always leaving their argument on a strong conclusion to really convince the class that their viewpoint was the right one. It was great to see children arguing and persuading; with some very interesting debates like "Should we wear school uniform", "Should we be allowed to eat in class?" and "Should we have 10 weeks school holidays?" (it is safe to say that the teachers disagreed with this one — 10 weeks definitely isn't enough! ;) ). Well done year 5!

In maths children continued their work around place value. We looked at comparing big numbers and made our learning as practical as possible, using the hall to practise our place value skills. Children had to order numbers without talking whilst also creating numbers in groups. Good stuff, year 5!

In history we continued to look at our topic of Ancient Greece. Children sketchedGreek vases — it was awesome to see children sketching the fine details of the vases and even better to see some children going on to design their own! We began our study work page with a focus on independent research — as children researched different sub headings for their study work fact files. I can't wait for all of your research to be poured into a fantastic study work page, well done!

I look forward to what next week brings!

Have a great weekend,

Mr Dale

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