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Year 5 Weekly News

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Last week Year used the force, investigated prime numbers, described characters and settings and had even fitted in time to go swimming! PHEW!
In Maths children started a new topic all around multiplication and division. We have focused on prime numbers and how to spot them. We learned new language like "composite" and "common factors". We approached our learning with a brilliant attitude and we are well on our way to mastering prime numbers. It was awesome to see so many children using their experience from Rockstar Times Tables to help them quickly recall multiplications, great stuff guys!

In English our focus switched onto describing settings, ready for our story writing this week. We read examples, word banked, shared ideas, peer marked until we were ready to describe the Underlake from our class story; The Wind Singer. The children were able to bring all of the devices they had used in previous lessons together to create some very power descriptions. "The light shone through the cobwebbed cavern and bounced off the ground, reflecting an eerie glow onto the rocky walls all around."

In Science we looked at forces, starting with a quick recap of what we already knew. We then focused our attention especially on air resistance. We completed the paper helicopter experiment to see how different factors can impact an objects air resistance. We will continue our investigations into forces and air resistance this week.

I hope you had an brilliant weekend,

Mr Dale

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