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Year 5 News

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It's Friday which means it's time for another roundup of Year 5's learning.

So, let's start with English where we have begun a new topic...adventure stories! Did you know that an adventure story needs to have three main things? It needs a sense of danger (which the characters escape from), a quest for the characters (that provides the adventure), and something about the story should be out of the ordinary. We have been learning all about them this week by exploring a fantastic short story written by the great Pie Corbett. We have investigated how tension was built and how particular words and phrases were used to portray the emotions and feelings of the characters. After that, we moved onto unpicking the plot. Every story — irrespective of its genre — generally follows a pattern: introduction, build up, dilemma, resolution and ending. We noticed that Pie Corbet didn't start his story at the introduction, instead he started at the dilemma and then jumped back in time to write the introduction. This is called a flash back. We will be having a go at writing our own adventure stories that use flashbacks next week.

In maths, we have been continuing with fractions. This week, fractions for division has been our main objective. Normally, you'd think that 3 divided by 4 couldn't be done but we've been learning how to use fractions to do this. Did you know, that what you need to do is to cut the 3 wholes up into quarters and then share the quarters between 4. You get the answer ¾. This has helped us to change remainders into fractions too.

Science has been a big part of our afternoons this week. On Monday, each table group was given a scientific question to investigate; each team had to plan an experiment and determine exactly which variables would be kept the same and which one would be changed. This was very important because it ensured that we carried out a fair test. Once planned, each team set up their investigation into the process of oxidation. Science was also the focus of Thursday afternoon. We were visited by Hi-Impact who showed us some really cool experiments with dry-ice. We learnt about its key characteristics and how and why it changes from a solid to a gas straight away. It was pretty epic. It definitely captured your imagination and you asked some excellent questions. Good work.

Let us go back to Tuesday though, on Tuesday our focus was R.E. We continued with our topic and focused on what the Kingdom of God is — and where we think it is. Did you know that Christians believe that the Kingdom of God is right here on Earth with us, and we are an important part of it.

Finally, on Friday we worked hard to complete two more pages of our study work.

Have a great weekend,

Miss P

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