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We have had another successful and busy week in year 1 and you have continued to make me so proud...

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Years 5 and 6 were excited to join Mr Hadfield for their first after school session this week. As a...


Another week in Year 3 and we have learnt so much. In maths we have started our unit on fractions...

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Year 5 News

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Wow! I couldn't be prouder of you Year 5! You delivered your class worship today so beautifully; you spoke clearly and sang with enthusiasm. It was a pleasure to listen to you. The message was clear and made us all think about how we prepare ourselves for the day ahead and whether we are sharing and demonstrating the Fruits of the Spirit. Thank you for doing such a good job, it was a great way to end another great week.

So, what have we been doing this week? In maths this week, we have been continuing with multiplication and division. We learnt how to multiply a two-digit number by another two-digit number. To help us, we did lots of investigating and talking. We realised that we must always keep in mind the value of the digit we are looking at because if we don't, we get into a little bit of a muddle. To get to grips with this, we had a go on whiteboards and worked in teams to figure this tricky process out. Then, when we were feeling more confident, we had a go ourselves. By Wednesday we had got the hang of it so moved onto short division. We used counters to explain the short division process and modelled the difference between grouping and sharing. We will be carrying on with this topic next week.

In English, we learnt how to write up a scientific experiment (we were writing up the one from last week). It's a very formal way of writing which requires lots of subheading and subject specific vocabulary. By Wednesday, this too had been completed. It was a good job it was, because we received a letter from Queen Victoria. In the letter, she set us a very important task. Her beloved Prince Albert has finished the Crystal Palace and a Great Exhibition is going to be held there and, we have been tasked with finding the best Victorian inventors of the age to take part. We are to gather together research and then present our findings to Queen Victoria within the next couple of weeks — if we want our favourite inventor to be picked, we need to make sure we are very persuasive! This meant on Thursday we set to work finding out about Victorian inventions. Did you know that ice cream was invented during the Victorian era? The lightbulb was also invented then too! Fascinating! We have also been learning about relative clauses during our English lessons. I wonder how many relative clauses I've already used in this news update?

In our afternoon sessions, on Monday, we carried on with Study Work and our William Morris prints on Monday. Everyone has now printed their wall paper and so the next step, next week, is to add in the detail (they are already looking great). On Tuesday you had P.E and on Wednesday we began our class R.E. project. We considered the emotions that different colours evoke in us and then discussed how these feelings are linked to the Fruits of the Spirit. Next, the class were told that love and kindness were going to be our Fruits and we talked about what love and kindness mean to us. Finally, we learnt about the story of Ruth from the bible. On Thursday, we were visited by Mrs Tibbets because this week is Bird Week. She came to see us to tell us all about how birds are adapted to the environments they live in. Next, we carried out an experiment to see which types of beaks are best for picking up certain shapes of food. The experiment was good fun. On Friday, we then used the knowledge we learnt during our bird spotting walk around the school grounds.

Hope you have a lovely weekend,

Miss P

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