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Cauliflower cards

This term we have decided to participate in a Christmas design project' run by Cauliflower...

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A super busy week in Y6.We have settled into our first full week in Y6 and covered many subjects...

Year 5 News

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The things you can do in 4 days! We've only been in school a short while but have already achieved so much!

We started our week by reading a tiny snippet from our class story; The Wind Singer. We were introduced to baby PinPin, leading us to focus upon our BIG ART project and our design and technology investigation. We were challenged with the task of creating a brand new blanket for PinPin. We carried out a textiles investigation whilst improving our sewing skills! It was fantastic to see children preserving and showing great resilience, what a fantastic learning attitude, year 5. We used running stitch, back-stitch and over-stitch — which was your favourite? We found some key findings, quickly realising that some materials were better to sew and were best suited for making a blanket. As a team we then sewed different bits of fabric together to make a new blanket for baby PinPin.

We also delved straight into our book and discussed the prologue — we found it very mysterious and tried to build a picture of the Wind Singer's appearance in our minds. We circled key words, looked up their meanings (which we learned were called definitions) and even drew what we thought the Wind Singer looked like. For our study work front covers we have decided to try and create our drawings in 3D. The children have made a list of resources they may need for Monday to create their 3D front covers. We thought that things like match sticks, toilet rolls, lollypop sticks, cardboard would be useful to collect over the weekend. Remember! We are making our towers on Monday afternoon and they need to fit on our a5 study workbooks! We created the marble backgrounds for our front covers with Mrs Whittingham, take a look!

We got to grips with times table rock stars and have now all signed up. We loved improving our multiplication and division skills and racing against both the clock and our friends! We managed to get Wybunbury Delves on the leaderboard for Cheshire too! Keep up the awesome work, rock stars!

We got very excited when we heard we had a YouTube channel. We even had a message from a famous YouTuber, wow!. We then established some rules and got busy creating our own content. I will upload the first 2 videos onto our channel as soon as I can (Saturday by the latest), please keep your eyes peeled!

Please complete your homework for Friday.

Have a great weekend and enjoy yourselves!

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