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Year 5 News

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Hello Again! Another week has flown by and it's time for our weekly news round up.

Our maths topic this week was statistics. We have been focusing on line graphs in particular; we have been trying to understand them and draw them. The drawing part was the easiest as you have to just follow a set of simple logical steps. The questions however were a little trickier. Trying to fathom out what the question is actually asking is the hardest part. We doubled our thinking power by working together and this helped us overcome the bamboozling questions.

In English, team work was also the name of the game. Our combined brain power helped us understand subordinating conjunctions, co-ordinating conjunctions, independent clauses and subordinate clauses. We then used these cohesive devises to join paragraphs and make our writing flow (we were writing a recount of our fantastic living history day back at the beginning of the month).

In the afternoons we have been doing: RE, PE, Study Work, Art, Science and Computing. On Monday, we recapped the meaning of the beatitudes and then created two pictures that embodied their meaning and demonstrated how Christians believe that good news is spread by the teachings of Jesus.

On Tuesday, you had your P.E lesson (check out Mr Turner's website update to find out more).

On Wednesday and Thursday we continued with our science topic — Space! We learnt that Aristotle, a famous Ancient Greek, proposed the idea that the Earth was in the centre of the universe and everything rotated around us. This became known as the Geocentric model. We followed the story of the solar system and learnt not everyone agreed with Aristotle. By questioning the norm and daring to go against the crowd, we learnt that scientific theory evolved and eventually a man called Copernicus theorised that the sun might actually be in the centre of the solar system. A theory that was proven by Galilee Galileo. This became known as the Heliocentric model. Did you know that Helios was the Ancient Greek sun god? I wonder if Aristotle would have approved of the name? We then moved onto create our own Heliocentric models of the solar system. This required designing, crafting and creating. They are looking great so far

On Friday it was our computing afternoon, so we continued creating our Solar System spreadsheets and started to learn how to sort the data. We also explored a fantastic website https://www.solarsystemscope.com/ to find out even more about the solar system. Check it out if you want to find out more too!

Thank you for a lovely first half term, rest up and enjoy yourselves and I will see you back in the classroom on Monday 5th November.

Have a great holiday,

Miss P

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