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Today we went in search of mini beasts . We were very, very, very excited to find a tiny and very...

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It has been lovely to welcome many of you back today and you couldn't wait to get stuck into...

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In our first Maths lesson this week, we learnt about fractions as decimals. The children explored...

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Happy half term Y1! Can you believe that we are going to be in our final half term when we come...


Year 5 News

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Wow, what a brilliant week we have had! I have loved coming back to school and that is all down to you! So I'd just like to say a great big thank! Already, you are working hard, trying your best and you have been so enthusiastic about our new topic and story . . . Gorilla Dawn! Check out our Year 5 class page for more information about this term (you'll also find this term's holistic plan there too).

So, what have we been doing this week?

In maths, we finished off our Spring unit on multiplying fractions, and we have moved onto learning about fractions, decimals and percentages. You have been learning about tenths and hundredths, and Mr Posniak has been teaching you how they are written as fractions and decimals.

Fact file writing — non chronological reports — have been the focus of our English lessons this week. Initially, you started gathering information about the majestic and beautiful Eastern Lowland Gorilla because you will be writing a fact file about this endangered species next week. To prepare us for this, we learnt all about the key writing features of this genre and practiced using them by writing about the Black Mamba!

In the afternoons, big art took precedent for the first two days. We studied leaves that could be found in the Congo Rainforest and then recreated them using a variety of mediums such as paint, tissue paper, art straws and glue. We also began our geography topic by learning about climate zones. This included learning some new vocabulary. Before starting this lesson though, we entered a whole new learning zone and had a go at speaking French! Oui, nous avons eu notre premier cours de fran├žais. In our first French lesson, we learnt some simple greetings and played one of the brilliant games that I learnt whilst I was in France. As part of the game, we had learnt what left hand was and what right hand was. It was a bit baffling at first, but you all embraced the new challenge and did a great job. On Friday, you also had your first science lesson of the term where you learnt about the life cycle of gorillas.

Finally, to end what has been a brilliant week, you put on a brilliant class worship. You all spoke clearly, sang beautifully and got across the important message of recycling. Good work team!

Have a brilliant weekend,

Miss P

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