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Another very busy week with everyone working hard and trying their best. What more could I ask for...

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Another brilliant week has passed us by in Year 2!In English this week, we continued our T4W unit...


What a fantastic week in Y1 from celebrating anti-bullying week to starting our Christmas crafts...


Year 5 News

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This week in Year 5 we have been very busy again as usual.
In English this week, we have been writing adventure stories. To start with, we finished our stories from last week and moved onto creating our own. The stories you created were very imaginative; it's been lovely watching you use your creative-flare to write something that has been completely inspired by your own ideas. However, we needed to ensure we were working at our Year 5 level so, when writing, you had to include some key writing features: modal verbs, relative clauses, interesting openers, imaginative and powerful word choices and parenthesis.

We have continued with fraction in Maths this week. We have been learning different ways to add fractions. The first method we looked at was concise, easy and straight forward. It involved adding the whole numbers together first, and then adding the fractions together (don't forget that when adding fractions, you need to find the common denominator first). We mastered it quickly and then moved onto the next method. This one was a bit trickier. It involved more steps! For this method, we had to convert the initial fractions into improper fractions, find the common denominator, add them together and then covert them back to mixed number fractions. There were so many steps that we got ourselves in a little bit of a pickle. We pressed pause on our lesson, and we all shared what we found tricky about it. It turns out that we were finding it tricky for the same reason . . . it's tricky because there are so many steps! We talked as a whole class team and decided that we will spend a little bit longer on this method to ensure we are all feeling comfortable and confident.

On Monday afternoon, we started our new R.E topic — Islam! In this topic, we will be looking at how the Islamic place of worship, which is called a mosque, promotes a sense of community (just like the church does for Christians). During this initial lesson, we looked at what community means and how we are all part of different communities. We then learnt about mosques. We will be taking a deeper dive into this next week. On Tuesday, you made your parachutes. The designs, details and discussions that were taking place while you were making them were impressive. It was so interesting to watch you work through problems and thoughtful explain your ideas with others. We didn't get chance to test them until the next day. On Wednesday, we went out to Fort Lewis and dropped our parachutes off the top. Harry' and Grace's design turned out to be the best because it took over 4 seconds for the parachute and its container to return to earth — it was very graceful landing too! Well done that team. We came back into class and discussed the similarities and differences between the designs and realised that the more surface area your parachute has, the better it will work because it will create more air resistance. Thursday afternoon was filled with singing and Study Work. On Friday, we learnt about algorithms and how a flowchart can be used to display each step.

Thanks for another fantastic week Year 5! Hope you work have a lovely weekend,

Miss P

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