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Year 5

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Welcome back I hope you have all had a lovely half term.

In maths this week we have recapped our multiplication skills using the short and long grid method. This has lead us nicely onto a new multiplication method called long multiplication. We will continue to get to grips with this method next week, tackling word problems and applying our knowledge to reasoning tasks.

In English we have used our research skills to investigate bread; where it originated from and how bread is used across the World. We have thought about rules in health and safety and features of instructional text. Our English has supported our Food Technology unit well.

Our Food Technology unit this week has found us tasting bread, evaluating the texture, appearance, taste and use of each type. We have learnt more about the fungi, yeast, and how it is used during the fermentation process in bread making. After preparing ourselves with clean hands and aprons, we then went on to clean our tables in readiness for our task. Measuring, mixing, kneading, and shaping and then leaving our dough to prove left us all feeling very excited. Before baking toppings were added, we set up a time-lapse camera to record our baking and have enjoyed watching the recording. With washing up left as a final task and done by all, our bread was shown off to different classes and of course Mrs Casserely. Well done bakers you did yourselves proud.

Today we have been to the Moss with Natural England to complete a conservation task and enjoyed squelching around in the moss and mud. We have taken on many tasks including scrub clearing, wood sawing, tree felling and finished off with roasting marshmallows around the fire. Our next trip linked to our John Muir Award will be in two weeks time, details will follow. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

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