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Another week gone and the end of year 4 is fast approaching. So what has happened this week?

In English, we have began to rewrite a short story from Disney's Pixar called Piper. First, the children created the opening paragraph which set the scene of the story. Next, we looked at direct speech and how we could use it within our story. We spent a couple of lessons understanding how to punctuate speech correctly and then we moved onto what the speech could be within our story. After this, we created freeze frames of the movie scenes and made up our own speech to go with them.

Maths this week has focused on improving our mental arithmetic and creating strategies on how to answer the questions in the time allocation. We discovered it's a lot easier if you write down the important pieces of information as it's been said and then figure out the answer after.

In the afternoons, we have began our unit on electricity. We recapped what a simple circuit was but also found out how to represent the circuit using symbols. Next, we investigated different materials and tested them to see if they were an insulator or a conductor. We discovered that metal objects make the best conductors. However, did you know that humans are also conductors? That's why re experience electrical shocks.

Another busy learning week here in year 4, let's see what next week brings us.

Miss Rushton

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