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Year 4 News!

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Miss Davies taught her first sequence of maths lessons this week. In Maths we have been practising our 9 and 7 times tables. When we practised our 9 times tables, we spotted lots of different patterns we could use to help us when we multiply and divide by 9. We have also continued to look at how we can represent a multiplication sum using pictorial and abstract methods. This week we have begun to multiply and divide larger numbers using our understanding of our 7 and 9 times tables and different methods. We found that, if we were multiplying 7 by 30, we could use our understanding of our 7 times tables and multiply 7 by 3. Once we did this, we would times our answer by 10 using a place value grid. We also looked at partitioning numbers into tens and units and how this would help us multiply. If we were asked to times 9 by 14, we would times 9 by 10 and 9 by 4 then we would add our answers together.

In English this week, the children have focused on writing descriptions of characters in the story. We used our knowledge of adjectives to include expanded noun phrases into our writing. We also looked at ways to use alternative pronouns to ensure we make our writing interesting for the reader. Finally, we focused on the structure of our sentences to ensure we did not put too many ideas into one sentence and we used paragraphs when we moved on to talk about a new theme.

On Monday afternoon, the children finished off their research into the first trainlines in Britain. The second hour was spent developing their knowledge of code problems on code studio. I have seen a big improvement in Year 4's determination and resilience to complete a code studio task independently.

On Tuesday, Miss Davies taught us about Emma Watson. We had previously looked at what Hermione Grainger was like as a character but we then looked at how Hermione was really played by an actress called Emma Watson. We watched a video of how Emma Watson is an inspirational person and fights for what she believes in. The children were then given some information about Emma Watson and asked to produce a factfile about her. We also had a special transition visit on Tuesday afternoon. Mr Clark came in to tell our Year 4 and 5 children what it would be if they were to attend Shavington High School after they finish in Year 6.

On Wednesday afternoon, the children were doing some work in their studywork books. As part of our Geography work, we were using our knowledge of the 8 compass points, direction of turns and degrees of turns to write directions around Hogwarts.

On Thursday the children had their usual PE lesson in which they were working as a team to play parachute games.

Finally, we ended the week on Friday by thinking about how the two stories we have previously read in RE, The Feeding of the 5000 and The Healing of the Centurions Servant, reflect Good News in the world today. The children shared some amazing ideas of how we can relate these stories to the modern day. As this was our final piece of our RE unit of work, we have started to write our answers up neatly into a Good News booklet.

There has been lots of exciting activities this week and we look forward to what next week has to offer.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Welch

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