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Wow! We have reached the end of another year! The time has just flown by!We finished our PE...

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We have thoroughly enjoyed our final full week together at Preschool enjoying lots of of our...

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Reception Class, I am so proud of you all today! You all tried you best in each race during our...

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What a super evening Reception class! Once we had snuggled down, opened the popcorn, we really...

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Year 4 News!

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What another amazing week in Year 4!

In English this week we have focused on using a technique known as 'show don't tell'. The children have learnt how to describe the feelings that are attached to emotions to paint a picture in the readers mind rather than use a word to express their feelings. We acted out different emotions in order to think about how we would describe what happens. We then linked these skills to diary writing and how we would need to write explain how we felt throughout an important event. Our diaries were based on our experience of trying on the sorting hat. We imagined we were in Hogwarts and included our own experience of trying on the sorting hat. We created a structure for our work and set about writing them.

In Maths this week we have started our multiplication and division unit of work. We started the week by looking back at our Measurement quiz that we completed last Friday and addressed misconceptions and discussed the methods we used. This was a really helpful activity. On Tuesday, we began to use a place value grid to work out how to multiply and divide by 10 and 100. We noticed that when we multiply by 10 the number gets 10 times bigger therefore moves into the next column of our place value grid. On Wednesday we learnt about our six times table. We looked at different ways to represent a multiplication sum. We used concrete, pictorial and abstract methods to represent different ways of multiplying by 6. Today we looked more in-depths at 6 times table facts. Again, we sang our 6 times table song to the tune of Happy by Bruno Mars. Today, we have done our first arithmetic test to develop our mental recall.

On Monday afternoon, we used the iPads to research the famous first trainlines in Britain. The children created a small list of questions which they wanted to find the answers too. On Tuesday, Miss Davies taught her first whole class lesson. Linked to our whole school History project for this term, the class began to think about Hermione Grainger is an inspirational woman. The children watched a video to gain a better understanding of the character and discussed the characteristics of Hermione. We then linked how Hermione's characteristics made her and inspirational character and we started to think about how she inspired us. After this lesson, we had some time to catch up on our studywork. On Wednesday afternoon, we looked back to our Art work. We learnt more about the life of George Seurat and how his technique has influenced our work. For part of our study work we wrote a brief description about George Seurat and the technique he introduced to the art world. Finally, we ended our week learning more about how animals adapt to the environment we live in. We went outside to explore the different types of micro habitats we had recently learnt about and we also learnt about what consumers and producers are.

As part of anti-bullying week this week, our book club has focused on exploring aspects of the wonder book by R. J. Palacio. We read extracts which helped us to think about bullying behaviour but focused more closely on how children can act in these situations. During following lessons, we role-played situations in which children may be bullied and the things they can do to stop it from happening. On Monday we also discussed how things you say affect somebody. We used a bruised apple to show that you may not see the damage you are causing on the outside but when we cut the apple open the insides were bruised. This led on to a great discussion about how things can be said but we can't take them back — the moral of this discussion was to encourage children to think before they say things which can be seen as unkind.

Today, we celebrated children in need and all came to school in our spots. It was great to see so many people getting involved in another fantastic event.
Thank you for another lovely week Year 4 and enjoy your weekend!

Miss Welch

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