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Our pumpkin fun week has begun and what a wonderful day we have had. Take a look at some photos...

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It was lovely to welcome our families back into school on Friday for our first class worship since...


It's been a blustery week outside but we've worked super hard!Years 1 and 2 continued with...

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We have had another fantastic week in Y2. We've been clay creators, coding experts and...

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Wybunbury Delves, Nantwich
Wybunbury Primary School
Wybunbury Delves C of E Aided Primary School
Wybunbury Primary School
Wybunbury Primary School
Wybunbury Delves C of E Aided Primary School

Year 4 News!

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We started our week using our new extensive knowledge of adjectives to create a detailed description of our wand. Some of the children were even encouraged to use personification within their writing! We have now moved on and are learning the skills to become a fantastic journalist. So far, we have learnt about the importance of newspaper and what they contain, the features of a newspaper and how they all need include the 5w's. We have also explored the effectiveness of a headline and how the opening sentence should summarise the story. Finally, we have learnt to distinguish between a fact and opinion because we want to ensure our newspaper doesn't include any fake news!

Within Maths this week, we have almost finished our place value unit of work. We started off the week by learning to compare 4-digit numbers using the greater and less than symbols. We moved on to being able to order a set of numbers in ascending and descending order and create a class size number line to order 4-digit numbers. We again recapped rounding this week but stepped up the challenge to rounding to the nearest 1000. On Thursday we learnt how to count in 25's and find 25 more and less than a given number. We ended the week by helping Professor Snape make the perfect potion using our knowledge of negative numbers to make sure it was the perfect temperature.

On Monday afternoon we looked at how a modern-day story of the Good Centurion encourages Christians to act as good news and role-played our own Good News story based on modern day. In Science this week we learnt how we can classify animals using mammals, reptiles, insects, amphibians and birds. We learnt the characteristics that related to these categories and sorted pictures of animals based on these.

We have continued to practice for YoungVoices this week and focused on learning the three songs from the film 'The Greatest Showman'. This afternoon, we have learnt about the first railways and locomotives. The children were fascinated by the design of some of the first passenger trains as they didn't have a roof!

As we are learning to work together in our new Year 4 classroom we have been thinking about our Christian Value of kindness. As a class, we decided how we expected a good friend to behave and what we thought would they should say. The following day, we used smarties! We placed our smarties in the water as we said something that made us different. After everyone had shared their ideas the smarties began to turn white. This led to a fantastic discussion about how everyone may look different and seem different on the outside but on the inside, we are all affected when people say and do mean things. When answering the register this week we have said something nice about the person that comes either before or after us. It has been so nice to see how something so small can make so many of us very happy. Each week we will share a new quote based on friendship and the children are encouraged to see if they can find one at home and bring it in to share!

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