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Year 3 Weekly News

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In English this week we've had quite a treat,
gone was the lengthy writing and in came the exciting rhyming,
It all started on Monday, when we rhymed our names in a fun way,
Oi Frog was our inspiration, we thought of rhymes for our names with a little communication,
from James sitting on planes to Alexander sitting on a panda,
25 names all rhyming along, we even had a chance to learn a homophones rap song!
They're, their and there were the ones we chose, rapping away with our 'sick' rapping flows,
To end the week it was tongue twisting time, Poetry Week 2019 was so amazing that I just can't stop writing in rhyme!

In Maths this week we continued our addition and subtraction unit. We started by adding and subtracting tens and learnt a new maths word, EXCHANGING! We now know that we can exchange 10 tens for 1 hundred and vice versa, this helped us to complete problems such as 345 + 78 and 453 — 78 =...We then had a go at learning the column methods for both addition and subtraction. We talked about the importance of our place value columns and how we add our ones first! We will continue our investigations next week!

In Book Club this week we focused upon our 5 favourite books of all time! We started by discussing Mr Dale's, we even read one called 'Where's My Teddy' (an absolute classic I must add!). This led to lots of discussion around the classes favourite books! From this we completed book reviews and decided our 5 favourite books for Y3 which are:

In Computing this week we had our first e-safety lesson. Our focus was on passwords and the important role they play in our lives! We tried to hack Mr Dale's phone and laptop but quickly realised that a powerful password stopped us! We thought about what made a good password and watched a video giving us 4 steps including: more than 8 characters, special characters, numbers and capital letters too! We discussed the most used passwords and used the website https://howsecureismypassword.net/ to make super passwords! We finished our lesson by playing the 'Tower of Treasure' level on Interland, where we had to create and choose the best passwords!

On Tuesday we completed P.E with Mrs Jenkins. Miss Holland helped the children with their handwriting — focusing upon capital letters and their placement on the line. We finished Tuesday with a music lesson.

In Science this week we completed an investigation on shadow. We set up our own experiments and measured what happens when a light source is closer to an object in relation to the object's shadow. We used cut out pyramids to discover the answers! We learnt that the closer a light source, the bigger the shadow! This is because more light is blocked by the opaque object and less light is passed around the object! On Thursday we completed a lesson on sun safety, learning about UV rays and protections we can use to stop the damaging effects the sun can have. A huge thank you to everybody who bought in a torch to help our lessons run smoothly!

In History we acted out our Ancient Egypt afterlife stories using our shadow puppet theatres — well done guys — they were fantastic!

In R.E we created artwork around 'The Calming of the Storm' parable. Whilst doing this we thought about the messages behind both parables. The children were brilliant at explaining the different stages of the parable!

During the week we also took part in a Mindful Monday session with Y2 — we focused upon calm breathing. We completed x4 daily miles too and wrote our very own Daily Mile goals!

Have a great weekend,

Mr Dale

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