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Wybunbury Delves, Nantwich

Our pumpkin fun week has begun and what a wonderful day we have had. Take a look at some photos...

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It was lovely to welcome our families back into school on Friday for our first class worship since...


It's been a blustery week outside but we've worked super hard!Years 1 and 2 continued with...

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We have had another fantastic week in Y2. We've been clay creators, coding experts and...

Wybunbury Delves C of E Aided Primary School
Wybunbury Primary School
Wybunbury Primary School
Wybunbury Delves C of E Aided Primary School
Wybunbury Delves, Nantwich
Wybunbury Primary School
Wybunbury Delves C of E Aided Primary School
Wybunbury Primary School
Wybunbury Delves, Nantwich
Wybunbury Delves, Nantwich

Year 3 Weekly News

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This week we have been analysing angles, stop-motion shooters and Iron Age investigators...

In Maths this week we have continued to look at properties of shape, including angles. Our week began by figuring out what in the world a right angle was! We discussed that a right
angle is where two perpendicular lines intersect to form a 90 degree angle (technical stuff, I know!). It was brilliant to see the children using such mathematical language in their Power Maths learning! Once we had cracked how to spot a right angle, we swiftly moved onto drawing them too! With our new found knowledge we were able to then discuss 'obtuse' and 'acute' angles. We learnt that an obtuse angle is greater than a right angle but less than a straight line angle (180 degrees) and that an acute angle was less than a right angle. We again drew lots of examples and played games to practise! We finished the week by recapping some key measurement knowledge including cm to mm, cm to m. We were able to accurately measure and draw 2d shapes with our measurements. We will continue our investigations next week! Well done, Y3! On Friday we also completed our arithmetic end of year quizzes and it was amazing to see you all using different strategies and methods to answer some tricky questions in such quick time, well done!

In Book Club this week we looked at two different texts including one about a bird called a 'Wagtail'. We discussed language such as 'plume' and 'neighbouring'' and from this were able to answer a series of questions! On Thursday our Book Club session involved hearing all about the Summer Reading Challenge, have you got your bookmark? We also spent time this week completing our reading quizzes, children worked incredibly hard to use all their Book Club knowledge to answer all of the comprehension questions, I was very proud of each and every one of you!

In our SPaG sessions this week, we delved into our white SPaG books. We looked at subheadings and paragraphs (which helped us out in English!) and we also recapped commas in a list!

In English this week we spent the first two sessions using the iPads to research all about renewable energy. Using our research we then set about writing our very own non-chronological reports! They are already sound super factual and I've been so impressed with the children's language choice, lots of Y3/4 words have been used so far too! We will finish our reports next week and hope to write them up neat for Study Work.

Onto Study Work now and this week we were busy creating pages for both our Topic Day and school visit. We backed, stuck and strimmed our pages as we went along, they look fantastic and capture both days perfectly, well done!

In History this week we started our brand new topic on the Iron Age. We started by placing the Iron Age on a timeline. We worked in teams to figure out just when the Iron Age was and quickly found out the key date was around 800BC! We used our history knowledge to work out that this was before the Vikings, Romans, Grace Darling, Mary Anning and WW1 and WW2. In our next lesson we went to a museum. Well not quite! We set up our very own museum in the classroom, full of Iron Age artefacts! We wandered around and wrote down what we thought each item was! There was even interactive iPad artefacts to touch! We then came together to share our ideas and talk about objects such as torcs, daggers and even a hair comb! We will continue to investigate the Iron Age next week!

In R.E this week we recapped our knowledge of the Quran to begin with. We then had a very special treat! Last week we wrote some questions about the Quran and this week we were very lucky to be able to have them answered. Aimen (who follows the Islamic faith) appeared via Facetime to answer questions! It was an amazing experience to be able to ask and interact with somebody who is so knowledgeable about the Quran. We found out so much and want to say a huge thank you to Aimen for helping!

In French this week we looked at broadening our conversation skills. We used pets to help us achieve our goal and learnt how to ask the question 'as-tu un animal?' -- Which means do you have a pet? We then practised lots of different animals including chat, chien and our class favourite 'un hamster'. I'm loving just how much Y3 are trying at their French, well done, guys!

In Computing we continued our unit on stop motion animation. We took inspiration from toy animals and YouTube videos! We recapped the app we were using and headed outside to create our stop motion animal adventures. It was great to see the children using their skills to create slick stop animation mini-films. Well done! We also used our Computing time to create pie charts for our Geography Study Work page, check them out!

Have a fantastic weekend,

Mr Dale

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