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Year 3 Weekly News

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This week we have been mathematical measuring magicians, DIY designers and had a World Book Day bonanza!

In Maths this week we wrapped up our unit on statistics. We finished by looking at bar charts and tables. We were careful to answer questions around different bar charts and used the y axis to help us! Whilst we explored tables and ways in which we can find information in them! We then completed a quiz on our new knowledge — we were able to discuss pictograms, bar charts and even tables too! We also began our new unit on measurement. We got our rulers at the ready and talked about inches, mm and cm! We remembered that 100cm = 1m! By the end of the week we were measuring using rulers and meter sticks, we can now even measure lengths such as 5m 75cm or 3m 5cm! Well done, guys!

In English this week we finished our unit on dragon descriptions! We recapped our shared writes and the tools we could use to describe more dragons! The next dragon we wanted to describe was the Flightmare! A ghostly dragon that emits a blue flame all around its body, the Flightmare is certainly a terrifying creature. We also described the Razorwhip! A metallic and mechanical dragon that glides through the skies! Superb work, Y3! If you'd like to look at any more dragons and describe them at home take a look on — 12cm each!, we then used the handsaws to saw them accurately and precisely, whilst using sandpaper to smooth our dowels down too. Some groups have even begun glue gunning their frames together! We also created the sides to our longhouses. Using card, art-straws and paint we were able to replicate the wattle and daub of a longhouse! We will finish our projects next week!

In R.E we completed our unit on the Kingdom of God! We looked again at our two parables and thought about what these meant in relation to the Kingdom of God. We wrote a letter to a person 'thinking about becoming a Christian.' We made sure to include the meanings of the two parables and what the Kingdom of God is! Well done, Y3!

On Friday we went through our homework and spellings together. It was great to hear how hard children have been learning their spellings! It was also super to see just how many children are writing in their reading diaries, well done guys!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Mr Dale

P.S Next week is Science Week — in one of our challenges will need lots of cardboard (cereal boxes, toilet rolls, that sort of stuff!) — If your able to send your child in with any that'd be great! Thank you!

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