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Wow! What a busy week of PE we've had!Year 1 have continued to work hard on their jumping...


Hope you all had a well earned weekend break after how hard you all worked last week!In English...

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Another very busy week with everyone working hard and trying their best. What more could I ask for...

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Year 3 this week

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This week in year 3, we have continued with descriptive writing in English. We've worked hard to find powerful adjectives and verbs to help us write a description of Robin running through the woodland to escape the cruel sheriff. We've also learned more about editing our work so that words aren't repeated in our writing and our sentences begin in interesting ways.

In maths, we've been busy looking for patterns in our work and realised this helps to make calculations easier. Today, we played a 'Tiddlywinks' game and found quick ways to add three or more numbers, using number bonds and doubles to make additions easier too.

We've completed our version of Piet Mondrian's Grey Tree, made a map and key of Sherwood Forest and, now that our beans have germinated, we've re-potted them to give them more space to grow. The photos show the germination stage. It's been quite exciting to see what stage each bean is at. I wonder why some beans have grown more than others? We'll investigate this next week. We thought if the beanstalks grew very well, we could send someone up them to see if there really is a chicken at the top which lays golden eggs!

We've learned about the bible and Mrs Lawlor came into class and recited all 66 names of the books in the bible, in order and in super quick time.

Some children have been thinking about the story, Robin of Sherwood, at home and have made Lego models, which show just how well they've been listening as the story unfolds.

The Outcasts are growing in strength and number, and will soon be ready to take on the sheriff!

Have a lovely weekend everyone...and don't forget to keep practising your harvest words.

Miss Lake

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