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Another busy week has passed us by in Year 4...During Book Club this week, we continued to...

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Creating fires at sunset was a great way to spend an afternoon in our after school forest club...

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Preschool, you have been very creative at home and have made a beautiful decoration for our very...

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Year 3 news

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We have been learning lots of new things this week.

In English, we have learnt about similes. We understand what they are and know that the words we pick are very important because they create atmosphere; we also recapped alliteration. We used this to create our own simile poem. Here is a beautiful example . . .


Its eerie eyes were as black as burning cinders.

Its flaring flames curled through the sky like venomous vines.

Its scarlet scales were reflective like dreaded diamonds.

Its menacing mouth was a large as a might mammoth.

by Zander

In maths we have been learning about expanded column addition. We had to use our knowledge of place value and partitioning to get the layout just right. We learnt about carrying 10s and 100s and realised that accuracy is very important.

In the afternoons, on Monday, we learnt about infant baptism and why parents choose to have their babies baptised. On Tuesday, you enjoyed P.E with Sportscape, On Wednesday, we learnt about Anglo-Saxon and Viking Art. In particular, we investigated Viking jewelry — we looked at the patterns and then sketched similar patterns in our sketch books. On Thursday, we used last weeks science investigation (dissecting a lily) to help us recap the parts of a flowering plant (we revised the names and how the different parts help the plant). In the latter part of the afternoon we moved onto to music and focused on playing notes in time with the beat. And to conclude our week, on Friday afternoon, we learnt about adult baptism and compared this to infant baptism.

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