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What a fun day we have had! It was wonderful to see you all dressed up today. Your costumes were...

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Another week has gone by, this year has definitely gone far too fast. This week you have been...


Another week has flown by in Y3 and I can't believe we are nearing the end of our time in Y3...

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Year 3 News

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During the last week of half term we have been scrap yard describers, time tellers and super safe!

In Maths this week we continued our unit on time. We spent time (no pun intended) looking at 'past and to'. We used real and interactive online clocks to help us. We then looked at telling time to the minute. We spoke about how sometimes the hour hand can be in between numbers at we also looked at home we can write time, for example 6:57pm or 12:16pm. Please keep practising telling the time over the half term break!

In Book Club this week we looked at two different texts. One was in the form of a poem and the other was all to do with a bran new treat bar! We worked in teams to decipher language and answer a range of questions on both sets of texts!

During Spellings this week we focused upon 'word families' and how we can spell some words by using our word family method! How many words did we think of with 'structor' in! We also spent time recapping our Y3/4 through our Pointless SPaG game!

In English we spent the week writing a scrap yard description. We started by creating online word banks, by the end we have hundreds of adjectives and nouns to be able to describe! We then spoke about up-levelling our sentences, where we thought about how a boring sentences could become amazing sentences which use adjectives, fronted adverbials and similes...We were then ready to write our descriptions, it was great to see amazing sentence starters and varied adjectives for description, well done!

In R.E this week we completed our unit on how artwork can show the Holy Trinity. We worked in teams to create our 'Jane Perkins' inspired artwork. We used buttons, bottle tops and other bits of plastic to design symbols that represent the Holy Trinity. Check them out...Once completed, our artwork allowed us to explain what the Holy Trinity is. We explained the three different parts but remembered how Christians still only worship one God. Well done, Y3!
We also had the Y6 Ethos Leaders in our classroom on Friday, who taught us all about Christian Aid Week! We loved listening to our teachers and want to thank them for their brilliant lesson!

In French this week we continued to look at numbers to 10. We played counting games, took part in French hopscotch and even added numbers in French too!

During this week at Wybunbury Delves we have been talking about safety during our Safety Week. On Monday we looked at e-safety and used the app InterLand to recap all our previous learning! On Tuesday we looked at road safety with GIST. They came in to tell us all about how we can be safe when around lorries! We even got to sit into the cabin too! On Wednesday we spoke about sun safety and the importance of covering up! We were also very lucky to have Miss. Lake come in and talked about dog safety, we loved listening to all the tips about keeping safe around dogs! On Thursday we talked about fire safety! We spoke about top tips and also did some role play of a 999 call! And finally on Friday we had a safety worship with members of Y5's safety team. What a busy but definitely safe week!

Have a fantastic half term break,

Mr Dale

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