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We have had another successful and busy week in year 1 and you have continued to make me so proud...

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Years 5 and 6 were excited to join Mr Hadfield for their first after school session this week. As a...


Another week in Year 3 and we have learnt so much. In maths we have started our unit on fractions...

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Year 3 News

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Year 3, your brains have been extremely busy this week — there has been lots of focus and hard work. Thank you!

In English, we learnt about main clauses and subordinate clauses. We learnt that a main clause is a simple sentence (it must tell us 'Who' it's talking about and 'What' they are doing). A main clause makes sense all on its own! For example, Year 3 worked hard. The 'Who' is Year 3 and the 'What' is worked hard. We then moved onto look at subordinate clauses. These types of clauses always need a main clause, if they aren't buddied-up with a main clause, they just don't make any sense; they must always have their main clause friend. The subordinate clause can go before the main clause, in the middle of it or at the end of it. We have been focusing on subordinated clauses that you can find at the front of a main clause — these are called fronted adverbials. For example, During the week, Year 3 have worked hard. During the week is our fronted adverbial and Year 3 worked hard is our main clause.

In Maths, we continued looking at the written method for subtraction. We then moved on to Word Problems. We had to use our knowledge of the formal written methods for addition and subtraction to work them out. The word problems were a little challenging but we were all resilient and because of this we figured it out. Well done everyone!

During our afternoons we have been just as busy. On Monday, we learnt about synagogues and what you would find if you went into one. On Tuesday, you had P.E with SportScape. Then, on Wednesday, we did a variety of activities. Some of us learnt about heraldic crests and Medieval daily life while others learnt how to do the running stitch. Another group had to complete an engineering challenge task — create the biggest castle wall they could out of a specific number of resources whilst the final group learnt how to use a saw. On Thursday, we found out about the rock cycle and recreated it using Starburst. Did you know that there are three types of rock, igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary and each one is formed differently.
Finally, on Friday, you created your own app which used sequencing.

Thank you for all your hard work this week and have a lovely weekend,

Miss P

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