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It's been a wonderful week in Y1 filled with lots of harvest celebrations and new learning experiences.
In maths this week we finished our first topic in maths by becoming experts of our numbers to 10. We have now moved onto looking at using part-part-whole methods to partition our numbers to 10 to find their value. This is a brand new skill for most of you so we have learnt lots of new mathematical language to help us. Although we did have some confusion at the start as many of you thought our new topic was about digging 'holes' in our Y1 garden! We definitely all had a laugh at this and realised that our English language likes to trick us and use the same type of words for different meanings. We explored part-part whole methods practically by using a potato as a whole but then also understanding that a group of children can also be a whole amount too. We then went off to investigate different ways to partition our numbers up.
In English, we finished writing our hundred decker bus stories. We have been using our story map to help us re-write the story and to choose the key events. Can you use the story map on the newsletter to retell the story of the hundred decker bus to your families? All of your stories are wonderful and you are all trying so hard to use your new phonic sounds in your writing. I have really enjoyed sharing them with Mrs Chesters and Miss McCurrie. We have also wrote our first year 1 book review on Oliver Jeffer's story 'up and down' we looked at what our favourite part was and who our favourite characters were. We all imagined what we would do if we could fly ourselves and where we would go. We then finished the week with a lesson on using capital letters for names the children were able to write their name and children's in the class using capital letters at the start of each name.
In R.E we focused on the importance of the parable of the 'two builders' on Christians. We thought about what the story made us feel and think about. We then painted our own prayer stone and wrote what the story made us think about on them. The lovely ideas that the children came up with were 'helping our friends', 'being a wise person, 'loving everyone' and 'following and listening to Jesus.'
In art this week we looked at some more canal art. I shared my favourite childhood storybook with the children 'Rosie and Jim' and we looked at their canal boat and the patterns that they have painted on their boat. The children then used the harvest vegetables to print their own patterns onto a piece of paper. We discussed how many of the patterns are repeated patterns on the boats and what this means. The children used their primary colours and were told that if they wanted to create more colours they would have to use the skill of mixing to make more colours. It was super to see some of the lovely repeated patterns you made and what colours you would use on your own canal boat. Whilst we tidied up we all sang along to the theme tune of 'Rosie and Jim' and danced along to the music.
This week in your music and drama time with Miss Swan you used your imaginations to go on a bus journey to your favourite places. You learnt a song about a bus and its impatient grumbling passengers. Oh dear no one wants them aboard! You have also used the skill of sewing to make some lovely owls with Mrs Clinton.
In Geography with Mrs Holland, the naughty bus was in London. You looked at the different landmarks in London and discussed whether they were physical or human features of geography. You are so confident with using this terminology now which is going to help us to compare London and Wybunbury.
The proudest moment of my teaching career was seeing all of you on the stage for the harvest celebration. You did school and me very proud. Whether you were a part of the choir or you had a speaking part you all played a huge part in the service. You all sang so wonderfully and spoke so confidently. A big thank you to all of the parents for helping the children learn their words, coming to the service and for all of the donations that were given to the food bank.
We finished this week off with a celebration show and tell. We also read about the adventures that the 'naughty bus' got up to with Reggie last weekend. It sounded like you both had lots of fun looking at different types of motorbikes. The 'naughty bus' has now gone home with our new superstar of the week!
Well done for all your hard work this week. Have a super weekend!
Miss Haynes

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