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It has been lovely to welcome many of you back today and you couldn't wait to get stuck into...

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In our first Maths lesson this week, we learnt about fractions as decimals. The children explored...

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Happy half term Y1! Can you believe that we are going to be in our final half term when we come...

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Year 1 News

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A fantastic start to the Summer Term, year 1 have been working very hard all week!

Phonics Screening will start on Monday 10th June, the children have been focusing on reading real and nonsense words. I am super impressed with their efforts and look forward to seeing them shine next week!

In English, we have been learning all about verbs, nouns and adjectives. On Monday we started reading an exciting new book called, 'The Lighthouse Keepers Picnic'. Year 1 can now identify verbs and adjectives in a description, as well as to explain how verb and adjective choices create a visual impact on the reader. Next week, we are going to re-write the story using lots of descriptive writing and applying everything that we have learnt! I am looking forward to reading year 1's writing.

In maths this week, we have continued to learn about 2D and 3D shapes. Our aprons had to go on during a very creative maths lesson where the children were printing 2D shapes using 3D shapes and identifying which shape had been printed! We had lots of fun printing and naming shapes! Geometry can be a tricky concept, however, we are trying hard and it's paying off.

In design and technology, we have been sketching our lighthouses ready to make — year 1 are excited to get creative.
We would appreciate any recycled bottles, to be in by Wednesday 12th June, so that we can make our marvellous Lighthouses! Our learning has taken us all over the UK and we have been learning lots more about where Lighthouses are and why! This afternoon we have finished labelling our drawings and now know why they have so many rooms, windows, stairs and a bright, flashing light.

In science, we have been learning all about plants and reading a book called, 'A Tree Is a Plant
by Clyde Robert Bulla'. We have labelled a plant and can identify and describe basic parts. Year 1 know what three things are needed for one to survive. Next week we will be growing cress. Any donations would be kindly appreciated — if children could bring in egg boxes it would be very much appreciated.

In PE, we have had lots of exciting team games, preparing for Sports Day 2019!

In RE, we have been learning three important Christian values and have made a booklet to help us remember the importance and meaning of each value.

Next week, we will focus on completing our Power Maths Geometry Unit and start a new unit all about FRACTIONS. In English, we will continue to use adjectives to write an awesome story! In Art, we will continue to look at David Hockney's work and design a SUMMER LANDSCAPE PAINTING!

Have a fantastic weekend and see you all on Monday morning!

Miss H

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