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Year 1 News

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In Year 1 this week we have been diary writers, shape experts and history detectives.

Our Literacy focus has linked to diary writing. Katie and Jack wrote a diary about their exciting day in London. We read their diary entry each day and decided that we could be diary writers too! We looked at how they used capital letters for places, time words to order ideas, and WOW words to describe. Once we had got an idea of where they went we made out own diary map, labelling all the places with our best describing words. By Friday we had written our own versions and we were all proud of the way we have tried to longer pieces of writing.

In Maths our focus has now moved onto looking at shapes. We discovered different 3d shapes around the classroom and worked out how they were the same and different. We enjoyed singing a song too, 'These are the 3D shapes that I know, a sphere, a cylinder, a cube and a cone, ......don't forget a pyramid!' One of the activities we completed as a class was sorting the shapes into groups, this helped us to describe the shapes in more detail. We have also looked at 2D shapes and practised our number formation too.

In our afternoons we have worked hard to answer the question...What happened after the fire ended? This was interesting as we were able to think about the ways London was rebuilt and what materials they used. We had great fun reinacting the story of the great fire of London and we had a go at making bread from the bakery on Pudding Lane. The ipads were a great way to record all the learning we had done on the Great Fire of London. We practised using videos to record our partner talk about what happened in 1666.

We have also been a great team to practise our Nativity alongside Years 2 and 3. Mr Dale helped us to prepare a video using our new green screen too. Year 1 you were great actors and I can't wait to share it with you all.

Mrs Pointon

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