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So...what a couple of weeks! This weeks news is last weeks and this weeks combined after technical...

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Our first full week of home learning in Year 4 has flown right on by! You've all been amazing...

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Y6 you are just superstars. There are no other words to describe how I feel about you all in these...

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Ahoy there Reception class pirates. You have all been absolute superstar learners this week...


Year 1 News

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This week we had the pleasure to visit Nantwich Museum on our first Year 1 visit. We had a fabulous day being history detectives. As we arrived, we all had a surprise as we had two special visitors joining our detective walk around Nantwich. We met PCSO Lexi and Vicky who thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Great Fire of Nantwich. To see the Tweet from the PCSO newsfeed please click here You may also see another two PCSO's, and one who is very familiar to us in Year 1! As we learnt about the Great Fire of Nantwich we heard some amazing facts; one being that there was 4 bears in Nantwich at the time of the fire, and it was hard to put the fire out as everyone in the town was scared of the bears.We enjoyed singing a rhyme too, 'Nicholas Brown burnt down the town.' When we asked the children what they enjoyed the most, the popular answers were writing with a quill and ink, and making a tudor building. Wow, Year 1, you worked very hard to share all your learning about the Great fire of London in 1666 and make links to the Great Fire of Nantwich in 1583 .Thank you to Nantwich Museum for a such lovely day.

In Literacy we have been imagining what it would be like for the Queen to look out of her window at Buckingham Palace and see a real lion walking past. We enjoyed reading Katie in London, and this helped us to think about how the Queen would feel. We wrote long lists of feeling words before we used them to write sentences. We used sentence openers to help us structure our writing, and of course we had to practise reading our sentences back with a posh 'Queen' voice.

During our Maths lessons we have worked hard to take away on a number line and practise using the more than and less than signs. We moved around the hall to make the < and > signs with sticks to help us read these symbols independently. Today we have done a Maths quiz to help think about our previous learning.

We have learnt more and more about the Great Fire of London in the afternoons this week. We enjoyed creating a poster to describe why the fire spread so quickly. Today Mrs P has looked at different images to work out how the fire was put out. One of our favourite activities was playing a great fire of london game. I will send this as a home school link, as this will work well as a family activity too.

Have a lovely weekend history detetcives. I wonder how many of you may go back to Nantwich Museum to talk about all your learning?

Mrs Pointon

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