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Year 1 News

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What an interesting week we have had in Year 1!

In Literacy our focus has been linked to the topic of London. We began the week writing facts about London, and it was great to hear lots of links made to pictures we had seen on the television or memories from family days out. We began reading the story Katie in London, and we were excited to hear that Katie, and her brother Jack, go on an adventure on the back of a lion. They visit some key attractions in London and as they do, we find out some interesting facts. We started by describing what we could see and hear from a busy street scene in London using as many different describing words. As a class, we all became very interested in Tower Bridge, so we used this to write our own descriptive poem. Watching a video of the bridge opening linked really well to the story, and helped our ideas develop.

In Maths our learning has been linked to the + and — symbols. The lion from the story came back and we found out that he likes to have a rest on the biggest number. This helped us to add using a counting on strategy. Once we knew this we practised adding in lots of different ways using ten frames and part/whole models. By the end of the week, we moved onto takeaway and worked carefully to design a number story to show how take away works.

Investigation has been a key element of our work in Science this week. As we have learnt so much about materials we were ready to test what might happen to them. Our first lesson was to compare different materials using magnets. We used items in our classroom to explore what might be magnetic and then we completed two science 'tricks' with paper clips. We worked in partners to move the paperclip on a paper dance floor without touching it and used a bottle of water to try and get the paper clip out without using our hands. By the end of this session we all knew how to use magnets and we worked out that not all metals are magnetic. We then met Discovery Dog who set is a challenge to try and find the best material to make a waterproof hat and coat when he goes to the woods for a picnic. We practised using pipettes outside and then found out that we should try and make it fair and only drop 4 drops onto each material. This was fun as we first predicted and then by the end of our investigation we could identify the best material for the job.

Our thoughts have taken us back to what it must have been like to be a soldier in the war. During our remembrance work, we thought about saying thank you to all the people involved in war. We responded very thoughtfully and took time to think about why we wear poppies. Creating big poppies and displaying them on a large cross also helped us to think about why it is so important to remember the fallen soldiers. Thank you Year 1 for being so thoughtful and for bringing in personal artefacts and stories into class. This has really helped us to bring history alive this week.

Have a wonderful weekend Year 1,

Mrs Pointon

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