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Another week has gone by, this year has definitely gone far too fast. This week you have been...


Another week has flown by in Y3 and I can't believe we are nearing the end of our time in Y3...

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These weeks are flying by, and we are packing so much into each of them. This week you have worked...

Geography 2

We have been busy bees once again in Year 2. In English this week, we have finished writing our...

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What a lovely week it's been,
we have been so keen
to learn and have so much fun,
even when there hasn't been so much sun.

We started our week off in English by sharing our news with our friends and then writing this down independently in our books. I was amazed to see how much progress you are all making with your writing and how much you have remembered. We then found out something exciting....it was POETRY WEEK! We explored different poems and had a discussion about what makes poems different from stories and if we think poems are fiction or non-fiction. We all agreed that poems help to paint a picture in our minds. Throughout poetry week, we have looked at what a rhyming couplet is, we have matched rhyming couplets up together, made rhyming towers, and created our own class poem on Dan the diplodocus dinosaur who had a great tan. You even did the register in rhyme with Mrs VR which got us all giggling. Best of all we practiced, recited and performed the Ning Nang Nong by Spike Milligan. We have worked so hard on this poem this week by remembering the poem, doing the actions and even having instruments. It got even more exciting when we realised that Y5 were focusing on the same poem so this morning we went up to year 5 to perform our poem to them, to watch them and to even perform it all together. It was amazing to see some of our youngest children of the school performing with some of the eldest and both of the years were incredible!

We are continuing on our phonics journey by having our 20 minutes sessions in our small groups. You are working so hard to recognise and read all of the sounds that you have learnt and in such a small space of time, you have made unbelievable progress. I can clearly see this when you are reading because you are all so confident with 'Fred talking' the words and looking for the 'special friends'. Keep up with the hard work team!

In maths, we are becoming part-part whole model experts! You have looked at how the greatest number is always going to be in the whole and how we add the parts together to get our whole. We also looked at how our part-part whole models help us to understand fact families and how we can write one sum 4 different ways- crazy and confusing right! Today it was very thrilling because we got to use an addition machine to practically see how each part makes our whole when added together. This really helped us with our number bonds.

We were very lucky this week as we had two science lessons. In our first science lesson, we had a problem to investigate because our naughty bus wanted to have a sightseeing roof but the driver didn't know what material to make it out of. Now that we are all experts at understanding materials with our scientific skills he had to come to Y1 for help. A lot of you said that if we were to have a sightseeing roof we need to have a material that we can see out of and it has to be strong. Now our science superstar of the week Cameron actually taught us that we needed materials that were transparent and not opaque. How amazing that our year 1's are using scientific language like this and understanding what it means. We then went out to investigate materials that were opaque and materials that were transparent. We concluded that glass would be our best material because it is both transparent and strong. We had another problem to investigate on the hundred decker bus today. As decker 30 has a swimming pool, the bus driver wanted to know what the best material was to make towels out of. Some of your ideas were great because you said it needed to be 'soft', 'opaque' and 'it had to soak up the water on our skin'. We then learnt some new scientific language and learnt that towels need to be absorbent because they need to absorb liquids. We tested lots of different materials by soaking them in water and squeezing the liquid out and then measuring them to see which material absorbed the most water. You have blown my socks off this week with all of your hard work and enthusiasm towards science.

In R.E, we continued to focus on our parable of the two builders. We retold the parable altogether and then independently did it through drawing pictures and writing sentences about the story. We also spoke about the real meaning behind the parable and thought about how we can be like the wise builder.

In Geography the children went out with Mrs Holland on the field to do a transport survey to see what transport we have in Wybunbury. We then compared our results with the transport that you would find in London. You spoke about why you may not see a boat or an underground train in Wybunbury but you would in London.

We finished our lovely week with watching Y4's do their worship. We all sat and listened beautifully to their clear and meaningful poems. We then had our celebration show and tell and found out what the naughty bus had got up to this week at Annie's house and what a naughty bus it had been! It has now gone home with our new superstar of the week- I wonder if it behaves.

Have a fantastic weekend and I will see you all on Monday,

Miss Haynes

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