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Year 1 at Chester Zoo

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Well what a day we have had! I think a lot of children (and adults) will be having an early night tonight!

We got on our bus very excitedly, so much so that Mr Dale forgot his lunch (doh!!).

We arrived at Chester Zoo and quickly made our way to the see the monkeys. We loved watching them swing and play with each other! We thought they would fit into Year 1 quite well! We then headed over Elephant Bridge where we saw all of the elephants and even the baby elephant, he was very cute.

We then stopped off at the giraffes enclosure and had some lunch. As we were eating our lunch the giraffes decided to pay us a visit, luckily none of our lunches were gobbled up! We then made our way to the Dragons in Danger part of the zoo where we saw the mighty Komodo Dragon, although all he did was sit a rock he was still pretty impressive! It was then time for our education workshops with zookeepers, Ed and Steph!

We ventured over to the learning centre via the butterfly house and saw some amazing butterflies that were all sorts of colours. A couple even landed on some children!

We met Ed and Steph and split into 2 groups. One group went to see the chimpanzees, giraffes, snakes and even the aye ayes! All the while Steph was showing us brilliant skeletons and sharing interesting facts! Ed's group saw the sloths, the jaguar and the giraffes too! They also saw the okapi and saw a real life snake skin, look how long it is! Can you remember what group you were in and what did you see?

After that we all wanted to see the penguins, we loved it when they darted past us and we screamed in delight every time they did! We saw a lion and a lioness and got a bit worried when the lion started roaring, we thought for sure that he wanted to eat one of us! We then headed over the bridge and saw the cheetahs and rhinos, ready to get back onto the bus back to school...

I was so proud of everybody, we behaved so well and you made Mr Dale and all of the adults very proud. Ed and Steph said they loved talking to us and thought all of our questions were very inquisitive!

A big thank you to Mrs Chesworth and Mrs Davies-Wibberley who came along to help, we loved having you as helpers for the day!

I hope everybody has a big rest tonight and enjoyed their trip to the zoo, make sure you tell your parents all about it as we will be writing about it tomorrow!

What a super day,

Mr Dale

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