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Y6 News of the week

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This week we took on the challenge of long division and what a set of real troopers you all are. We worked carefully, and with resilience to pick a method we thought we could use. I am so proud, as by the end of the week we were all feeling much more confident with our fluency and we even went on to reasoning problems too. A sense of achievement was felt by all as we shared our knowledge with each other. Amazing Y6.

In English we began story writing using a John Lewis advert as our stimulus. Our aim was to include accurate punctuation and strong sentence openers to bring our piece alive. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading them and can certainly see how my model has influenced your writing. What a team Y6.

In spelling this week we have focused on the ough letter string. We have used words with this letter pattern to write sentences including direct speech, relative clauses and conjunctions.

Our History continued this week as we were introduced to rationing. We have been keeping a meal diary for the week and discovered food items that were rationed during the war. We are still unsure if the population was healthier when rationing was on compared to today. Our class is split on this debate. We also focused on the slogan Dig for Victory and how this changed the country's food supply.

We began our Science unit this week on LIGHT. We are involved in solving a theft of a laptop and to do so need to investigate some scientific questions. We need to recognise if light travels in straight lines and to use this idea to explain that objects are seen because they give out or reflect light into the eye. We looked at different light sources and understood that heat creates them. We even burnt paper, on the yard of course, to investigate all light sources. We will continue next week as we join DC Briar's team.

We completed our DT project this week and carefully made our Study-book front covers which now sit on our classroom display for all to see. A super job and an impressive front cover.

We have begun our new RE unit this week by investigating the question, where in a church building are there signs of salvation? We began our lesson by understanding the term salvation. We used a real-life experience of a set of young boys being stuck in a cave to explore it further. Watching video footage of this event enabled rich discussion to take place. We will continue this theme next week.

We finished our week with a visit from PC Nick. This supports our focus on anti-bullying where we discussed what cyber-bullying involves. Our class have openly discussed the devices they use and the pitfalls of each. PC Nick discussed these events and where they could lead to and of course what you can do if you need help.

Formal Friday returned as we completed our spellings, times tables test and an arithmetic paper. All homework has been marked and there is new homework set. Could I please ask you to check in every now and then on your child and there online homework. At times this is not being fully completed and I will only set homework if it is relevant to our learning. Thank you for all your support it is truly appreciated. I think we all make a great team.

What a fabulous week we have all had. Great job Y6.

Mrs B.

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