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Y6 Election Day

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Yesterday Year 6 held their own election to help them gain an understanding of how citizens can influence decision-making through the democratic process. Year 3, 4 and 5 have been involved as voters — anyone over the age of 8 was eligible to register to vote. Year 6 presented their policies and took questions from the audience of voters in morning worship, they spent time campaigning!

Y6 Election Day Process
Roles for the day were decided-- administration team or one of the four parties
Roles were outlined by Mrs Chesters
The Administration team divided their roles between Registrars; Polling Station Manager; Polling Officer; Chief Counter; Returning Officer
The parties decided up on their candidates
Parties were given time to debate their policies and decide on three important policies to lead their campaigns! Posters were made, promoted around school and speeches were written
Meanwhile the Administration team were preparing for voter registration, creating a ballot box, making poll cards, preparing the polling station with signs and poll booths
Year 6 decided that the voting age would be 8 years -- anyone 8 or over would be able to vote if registered
In worship Year 6 explained their roles to the school and the parties had 2 minutes to explain their policies and then take questions-- some great questions were posed from across the school!
At break voter registration took place and from this poll cards were filled in with voter details
Campaign time! The parties campaigned around school and in class we had a debate.
Polls opened 2pm; after an initial crowd there was a steady stream of voters until the polls closed at 2.30pm
2.30pm we all gather to watch (from a distance) the count; the ballot box seals were broken and the votes counted. This included postal votes from staff who were unable to vote in polling time.
After a count, and a recount, we were ready to hear the results!
All the candidates were gathered together to hear how many votes they had. In the end the vote was very close! Well done to all for the hard fought campaign and to our administration team for organising the polling station, voter registration and the count.
Great job Year 6!

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