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Reception Class, I am so proud of you all today! You all tried you best in each race during our...

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What a super evening Reception class! Once we had snuggled down, opened the popcorn, we really...

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In school last week, we have been learning about our Health and Relationships. Our week has brought...

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Reception class, what a fantastic way to finish off a rather busy week, than with our own Minibeast...

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Reflecting on this past week...and into this next week...
We have finished our National Trust Leaflet content for The Secret Garden's Misselthwaite Manor and illustrated our writing with beautiful and sensitive watercolours. As we read our work aloud, we did feel encouraged to visit, which shows that we have been successful in our writing and our work is ready for our Study Work books.

Wybunbury Delves C of E Aided Primary School

This week we will begin working on story writing, starting with the reading of The Forgotten Garden by Caroline Repchuk.





Spelling this week is focussing on the 'soft c' at the end of words and for some children the 'aw' sound.
Reading — we are continuing to work on our inferential reading skills and unpicking the meaning behind key words and phrases in our reading.
Some of us thought working with fractions and decimals was going to be tricky but we've got the hang of it and are working with decimals up to 2 or even 3 decimal places. We can compare decimals and continue a sequence of decimals, as well as round decimals to the nearest whole number. We've been adding the invisible 0 to help us order decimals with different decimal places eg 0.42, 0.2, 0.24, 0.4 making them 0.42, 0.20, 0.24, 0.40 to make the ordering far easier. We planned to do money last week but that will be our focus for this week. A small gardening shop will be set up in the classroom for the children to solve money problems in a practical and meaningful way.
As Mary Lennox is teased in our story and referred to as Mistress Mary Quite Contrary,
we will be researching the history of some of the well known Nursery Rhymes using search engines and creating a data base.
Last week, we began looking at Coding using the ipads for our ICT work. We will continue coding next week.
Science / Awe and wonder

Wybunbury Delves C of E Aided Primary School

We were in awe of how quickly a narcissus daffodil could flower in class this past week. Just before Collective Worship on Tuesday, there was a hint of yellow emerging... by playtime, a small but beautiful flower head had fully appeared! By Wednesday, we had three to brighten up the classroom and to remind us of the joys of Spring...a little early but none the less, still amazing!

Wybunbury Delves, Nantwich

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at British garden birds, animals and insects and linking our work to habitats and food chains. I hope you weren't too put off by the weather to join in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch this weekend. We're going to be making bird feeders out of recycled containers this week to tempt the birds into the school grounds. Don't forget to bring something in off the list sent home at the weekend. I've got the bird food and lard ready!

On Friday mornings, Mrs Taylor is working with the children on Judaism as the unit for RE this half term. They have looked so far at the Torah Scrolls — where they are kept, how it is was written and is handled, how it is read weekly and about it's final reading in October/ November. The class have created information cards about Jewish artefacts found in synagogues. They will be looking at how the Torah is for the Jewish faith a guide for life and how the Jews follow the Torah. They will then go on to contrast this with other sacred texts they know about. Their big question will be: What do we use to guide our modern lives?
Young Voices / Music
The singing has really come on well and the dance moves make the whole performance so much more fun. Well done class. We've two full length rehearsals this week: Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. As we are performing next Monday, we will begin a new unit of work for our music.
Everyone seems to be enjoying their PE lessons. This week's Sports Star of the Week went to Izzy! Well deserved! Can't wait to see who it is next week!

The class have had a really positive, hard working start to the term! Let's keep it up Year 5!
Parent's evening Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th (Slots available before 5pm on Thursday if needed)

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