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Y5 News

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In Year 5 we have been hooked by our class story, The Wind Singer. We found out that Kestrel hates tests and has refused to apologise for her rudeness to the Chief Examiner. Kestrel is now on the run, trying to escape Special Teaching and has found herself at the top of a very high tower!

Having written arguments against tests from Kestrel's point of view, we have had great fun chanting her protest words and phrases, "Sagahog!"..."Udderbug!"..."Pompaprune!"defiantly, looking at the insults that Shakespeare created for his plays, and making up our own protest phrases. We worked really well in groups to compose, practice and perform and video our own protest songs.

In Book Club we have been investigating different genres and enjoying a lovely, new selection of library books Mrs Cador has bought for the school library.

We our lessons we are currently exploring the city of Aramanth from our story and have been using our dictionaries and thesauruses to gain a better understanding and build our vocabulary in order to help us picture it. This will hopefully help us with our descriptive writing.

We are making sure we can spell the words we love to use in our own writing!

In our maths lessons, we have been working on different ways that information is presented. A particular focus has been working on range and mode. We will be looking at line graphs and pie charts

As we've learned about Aramanth, we are now ready to look at other cities. We will be asking questions to help us with our research on the city states of Athens and Sparta as part of study into Ancient Greece.

Sound is the focus for our science and today, we spent time around school sitting / standing quietly and just listening to find out what we could hear. We will be investigating how sounds are made, how we hear sounds and carrying out some investigations to develop our understanding.

We had great fun planning and building towers out of straws and masking tape! Despite all our hard work, cooperation and collaboration, no group was successful in building a tower to support a ball for 20 seconds! But we were great at talking about structures and ways to strengthen our towers!

Well done to our Sportscape Sports Stars of the Week: Charles, James M and Megan!

Wow! Great homework Year 5. Fantastic drawings and facts about the world's tallest towers and structures! Molly, we love your model of the Leaning Tower of Pisa! And we've enjoyed eating Orlanda's Walkie Talkie Tower cake and look forward to tasting Jack's cake tomorrow!

A huge thank you to Mrs Jones for giving Harvey, Izzy, Maddie and Orlanda to be radio presenters at Redshift Radio every Friday 9.30-10.30am. Do tune in, if you get the chance!

Thank you to Jo and Tommy for agreeing to help Mrs Burns and Mrs Cador with their presentation to St Chad's Mother's Union.

Our three school chickens (Toffee, Bluebell and Speckles) were sadly taken by a fox at the weekend. They have given us all a lot of pleasure and we will miss them a lot. Some children from Year 2 want to organise some fundraising activities so that we can afford to buy some new chickens. Please do support their events!

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