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Wybunbury Delves, Nantwich
Wybunbury Primary School
Wybunbury Primary School
Wybunbury Primary School
Wybunbury Primary School
Wybunbury Delves C of E Aided Primary School
Wybunbury Delves C of E Aided Primary School
Wybunbury Delves, Nantwich

Y3 Weekly News

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This week we have been thinking like scientists, writing like Peter Pan and have even explored a brand new app!

In English this week we wrapped up our unit on letter writing. We started the week by discussing the layout of a formal letter and we were able to quickly label our own plan including addresses, date, greeting, main body and closing farewell. We then received a letter from Mrs Darling who was very cross with Peter Pan who has just broken through the window in our story and has left his shadow behind! We decided to write a letter as Peter Pan in which we explained why we fell through the window and also apologised for our actions! We had all sorts of explanations from gusts of wind to Peter being scared by a darting squirrel in the tree. Everybody remembered the layout out of a letter and most of us remembered our paragraphs too. Super work, Year 3.

In Maths we began our place value unit of work. We will we working hard on place value for the next 3 (well 2 now) weeks. We looked at HTU numbers this week and have done everything from reasoning problems to writing numbers as words. We worked so hard in fact that on Thursday we had a practical lesson in the hall. The children had to order themselves along a human number line without speaking, it was brilliant to watch as both teams used teamwork and their problem solving skills to order themselves from least to greatest. We also placed a fun place value game involving dice. Check out our first YouTube video below:

The children also improved their Prodigy scores and answered a whopping 1,047 questions throughout the week added to the 1,150 questions answered last weekend Year 3 are well and truly on fire when it comes to maths! Excellent effort guys!!

In Book Club this week our shared read was a letter called "The Cup of Sylvester" and it was based around a mysterious cup being stolen. As a team we discussed words like scattered, haste and the phrase "grave news". Can you remember what they meant? We answered questions, read quietly, played reading games and practised our spelling and handwriting with Mrs Van Russelt this week too. We also used our brand new reading website — I will show parents this at our welcome meeting on Wednesday!

In spellings this week we focused upon prefixes. We talked about what a prefix was, where we see them and why we use them. We quickly realised that they appear at the front of a word and change the words meaning. For example disappear is the opposite of appear. We completed word-searches and even became prefix people and wordies ourselves to create words like rebuild, misspell, discount and many many more. Some children even joined together to make prefix!

In science this week we started our unit all around light! We are linking this to Peter's shadow in our story. We talked about where we find light and dark places. We even added some science words to our science list. Transparent, opaque and light source were all added. Can you remember what they meant? We will continue our investigations next week with some experiments!

We had a very exciting computing lesson on Thursday when Mr Gregory from Hi-Impact came in and showed us 2 new apps. We used Morfo Booth to animate objects whilst we also used the app Shadow Puppet to produce a video of our morfs — we can't wait to use the app again soon!
Next week we are continuing our investigations into science and will be making our very own shadow puppet theatres, For this we will need shoe boxes. If you have any shoe boxes lying around could you please bring them in on Monday. Thank you.

Have a brilliant weekend,

Mr Dale

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