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Y3 Weekly News

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This week we have been diary writers, prefix perfectionists and x4 table conquerors!

In English this week our focus turned to diary writing. The children were able to show off their Y2 knowledge of diary writes, discussing the 'past tense' , 'ed' words and even remembering that diaries can often be funny and quite 'informal'. We started the week by looking at our WAGOLL, it was a diary all about the day in the life of a pencil. We used our highlighting skills to locate any words that ended with 'ed'. We know that 'ed' words are written in the past tense and are definitely needed in a diary write. In our next lesson we learnt about the different rules for adding 'ed'. There we 4 rules in total but we also know that some words don't follow any of them! Irregular past tense words like 'wrote' and 'taught' don't need 'ed'! After adding 'Uncle Ed Sheeran' to lots of different words we then had a huge word bank to use for our next lesson. So, using our word banks an the working wall, within the next two lessons we were able to write our diary writes. We focused our writes on our previous day and made sure to include all the features we needed! Next week we will apply our diary writing skills to the world of Neverland!

In Maths this week our attention switched to the x4 tables! After our successful George Ezra inspired x3's, this week we had a crack at 'The Greatest Show' for our x4's! Check out the roundup for Music for more info! We started by building our x4 tables and the understanding that 'groups of' can mean the same as 'multiply'.We also spotted to link between the x2 and the x4 tables (we now know that doubling is really important and helpful when completing our times tables!). This helped us to draw our x4 tables and from this we were able to 'build it, say it, calculate it and solve it'. Throughout the week we also improved our x4 table speed through the fun game Hit the Button. We went from 18 in 1 minute all the way up to 30! Well done, guys — remember to keep practising at home on TT Rockstars too! Next week we are going to have a go at our 8's!

In Book Club this week we did something a little different. All week we have been looking at 'word work'. This has helped us to build our vocabulary and understanding of words too! We looked at how to use words in sentences and hpw words can have different meanings like 'rose, match and content'. We also deepened our understanding of homophones through a 'Witch word is which?' challenge! We read short passages and answered quickfire comprehension questions and we even looked at opposites. Can you remember the opposite words for 'started, caught, appear and correct'?

Anti-Bullying has had a spotlight focus in our classroom and across school this week. We spoke as a class about bullying and also used crumpled paper to represent how someone being bullied might feel. A huge thanks to Miss McCurrie who helped spread the message of Anti-Bullying this week. Y3 will definitely carry on that message over the year! — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGEUOSo7d-g

In R.E we continued to research the nativity story. We found out this week that they are actually two accounts of the Christmas story. One from Luke and one from Matthew. We researched the similarities and differences and even completed a Christmas quiz!

In Music this week we learnt a brand new times table song! This week it was our *4s and with the help of The Greatest Show we were able to recite our x4s through song! We talked about the beat of the song and were then able to sing to the beat to ensure our lyrics fitted the song's pulse. Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f77x05Nbirw

On Friday we went through our homework together and discussed possessive apostrophes! Next up was our spellings, we finished by sticking in our neq homework for the week. After that, we had a go at a mental (arithmetic) maths quiz. We worked on our speed and discussed ways in which we can quickly answer problems"

Have a fantastic weekend,

Mr Dale

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