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Y3 Weekly News

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This week we've been Google mappers, diary writers and times table champions...

In Book Club this week, we've spent time getting lost in our books. Lots of children read with an adult this week and we focused upon our reading voice and expression! We have some very exciting reading news coming soon!

In SPaG this week our focus was upon tense and specifically the past tense. We started by thinking about how we change words into the past tense and realised that adding ed could help us. We started spelling words such as jumped, hopped and skipped with no problems at all. We carried on and quickly came up with words such as sleeped, teached and swimmed...WAIT A SECOND!? We quickly realised these words were complete nonsense and we now know that some verbs need a change of spelling! Slept, taught and swam were all corrected of course! We practised by spotting sentences that had switched tenses in our white SPaG book. This new found learning helped us when it comes to English, I MEAN CAME!

In English this week we became Howard Carter. We started the week to find our classroom had been transformed into King Tut's tomb. We role played Howard's journey to Egypt and the amazing story of his world famous find! We crept into the tomb and thought about our feelings and emotions. We then reordered our memories to make sure we were to include all of the most important moments. We then spent the week using models, word banks and story maps to help us write brilliant diary entries just like Howard Carter did in 1922! Well done, everyone.

In Maths this week we wrapped up our unit on addition and subtraction. We focused upon bar models and how we can use these to help us with word problems. We used maths sentences such as ''Take away part of the whole to find the answer'' to help us! We used columnar methods brilliant and were fantastic at exchanging! We finished the week by completing a quiz to show just how much we now know! Next week we started our journey into mastering the X3, X4 and X8 times tables!
Maths was also used as an opportunity to celebrate the amazing achievements of our TTRS efforts this week. Y3 answered over 40,000! Keep playing, remember the competition finishes on Saturday — I'll be watching closely!

In Science this week we continued our investigations on rocks! We used starbursts to explore the rock cycle! Check out our video that explains our learning! A lovely starburst smokey smell filled our classroom after the infamous Mt.Russell Hobbs had erupted! We completed a rock cycle observation sheet with labels and observational drawings throughout.

In Art this week we started our unit on Egyptian art. We started by thinking about deserts. We used our picture map to discuss the shadow, foreground and background of the different deserts and thought about how best we could recreate this effect. We used sketching pencils to create swooping saad dunes, this gave our pictures a depth. We then used oil pastels and blending techniques to build shadow and more depth to our art. Check some of them out!

In Geography this week, we continued to look at deserts. We recapped key knowledge and added vocabulary to our very full word walls! We used Google My Maps to practise our map skills and were able to use the pinpoint tool to plot on Egypt. We then used the line tool to locate the world's deserts! We highlighted them and started to build our maps with pictures, labels and facts! Have a look!

In R.E we started our new unit of work. We started by thinking about the nativity story. We recapped what we knew and then watched two videos. We quickly realised that there are two versions of the nativity story! Next week we will start to investigate the key differences and similarities!

In Music this week Miss Holland, we thought about what instruments the Ancient Egyptians may have used and practised our Egyptian song! We thought about the rhythm of our song and how to keep the rhythm going at all times!

Throughout the week we have also been taking part in anti-bullying week. We discussed the story ''Introducing Teddy'' and discussed what it means to be yourself! Please see Miss. McCurrie's news updates for more info!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Mr Dale

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