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Y3 Weekly News

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This week we have been amazing adders, shadow puppet creators and pyramid professors...

In Maths this week we focused upon addition and subtraction once more. We started by addings ones to 3 digit numbers and used our knowledge of place value columns to help us! We were even able to cross over 10s and tackle tricky problems like 345 + 8 and 256 + 8. We were able to use part whole models to help too! Later on in the week we switched to adding 10s. Again, our place value columns helped us to recognise the digit changes and helped us both add and subtract problems such as 456 + 30 and 385 — 60! Next week we'll be learning some formal methods — Column addition/subtraction — BRING IT ON!

In Book Club this week we focused upon a text called 'Sir Basil'. This was a tale about a brave knight and his daring 'exploits'. We discussed key words and also thought about what if the fair princess was the hero of the story! Throughout the week we answered questions, correct spellings and looked at adverb and adjectives work! Well done!

In English this week we started a short unit on instructions! A mysterious scroll turned up in our classroom that turned out to be ancient hieroglyphics on how to mummify a pharaoh! As we've been learning about this, we decided to write our own! We focused on imperative (BOSSY) verbs and created our own bossy sentences! We then created a word bank and reordered mummification instructions to help us with our steps. On Thursday and Friday we wrote our instructions including imperative verbs, adverbs and time words such as first, then and next! They sound amazing, well done!
In Spellings we started to look at homophones. We discussed that a homophones are words that sound similar but have completely different meanings and often different spellings too! We became illustrators and drew different homophones whilst also completing a homophone word-search — we will continue with homophones next week!

In Computing this week we continued our coding journeys! Y3 are now becoming very confident in using loops, code blocks and algorithms to programme their sprites to achieve their goals. Throughout the session, we were able to debug tricky code and use loops to limit the amount of code we were inputting! Well done, everyone! We then used our research time to focus upon the pyramids! We were able to discover lots of new facts and were able to link our knowledge through our research on pharaohs last week!

In Science this week we put our knowledge of light into action. We spent Thursday creating and building our very own shadow puppet theatres complete with golden hieroglyphics. We recapped the words 'opaque, translucent and transparent' and created diagrams to illustrate this! Next week we will perform our own puppet shoes all about Ancient Egypt's afterlife! A huge thank you to Mrs Tibbetts, who came in to help with the creation of our shadow theatres!

During our time with Miss Holland on Tuesday we continued to practise our handwriting and finished off with some music!

Throughout the week we worked hard on our Harvest Service and on Thursday we shared with our families. It was amazing to hear you all speak so confidently and sing so beautifully, well done, Y3! We also took part in a Mindful Monday involving calming music whilst watching amazing animals in slow motion action! We continued with our Daily Mile exercise too!

In French we built upon our conversational skills! We added "comment ca va?" And "Ca va bein, merci". You were all brilliant at having lots of conversations around the classroom!

In R.E we looked at a new parable called "Jesus Calmed the Storm". We watched several different videos and role played the story too! We finished by thinking about what "faith" meant and reordered the story in our R.E books!

Have a fantastic weekend,

Mr Dale

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