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Y3 Topic Day - Ancient Egyptians 2019!

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Check out just what we got up to today...

Today arriving into the Y3 classroom were pharaohs, kings, queens, mummies and even a waking, talking pyramid!

We began by looking at all of our amazing costumes and looked ahead to the rest of our day. We then met Dr. Davies (Doc for short) and he told us all about the Ancient Egyptians — from hunter gatherers all the way to Howard Carter's discovery!

We then paired up and had a go at a quiz to test our Egyptian knowledge, we moved around different boards to find our answers! We worked well in our pairs! We went through our answers too! We then had a cake break (an official Topic Day term!) and headed out to play.

After the break, we then learnt about how the Egyptians measured using the ancient method of cubits, palms and fingers (the length of our elbow to fingertip, our palm size or finger size!). Using our rulers, we explored the classroom for objects that were a cubit, palm or a cubit. We then used our new cubit knowledge to measure the length of our classroom using cubit rulers! It measured 14 cubits, 2 palms and 3 fingers!

After that, we played a traditional Egyptian board game. It was called 'The Hounds and the Jackals', King Tut himself may of played this game! It was great fun to play against each other!

After lunch we went through the process of mummification, we tried our best to remember all of the steps! We took out the organs and it was so funny when things kept going wrong! We finally managed to lay our pharaoh to rest and moved on to finish our day by looking at some weapons!

We looked at a range of different weapons and how they were used. We thanked Dr. Davies for all his help with our special day!

What a fantastic day!

Mr Dale

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