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So...what a couple of weeks! This weeks news is last weeks and this weeks combined after technical...

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Our first full week of home learning in Year 4 has flown right on by! You've all been amazing...

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Y6 you are just superstars. There are no other words to describe how I feel about you all in these...

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Ahoy there Reception class pirates. You have all been absolute superstar learners this week...

Y3 poetry and light

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In Year 3 this week:

We took a risk on the weather at the start of the week and completed our investigation into how shadows are formed and change during the day. We organised ourselves into groups and headed onto the field to set up our investigation and complete our first measurement. Then we went out every hour to record the changing length of a shadow. Our results were interesting, and proved that sometimes science doesn't give the results we expect! Next week we will complete our study work about light.

In maths, some of us have been busy with fractions and measurement. The results from our fractions assessment show we really do understand fractions very well indeed. Mrs Van Russelt's group have continued to work very hard and today completed an addition and subtraction assessment. Every child has made super progress and results have improved by up to 57%. Well done to all.

In English, we've worked on poetry. We used the poem 'A magic box' by Kit Wright as a stimulus to produce poems from the viewpoint of a Native American Indian. We used noun phrases to create very powerful images. A selection of extracts from the poems follow:

The Magic Cupboard

I will put into my magic cupboard
the air flight of a brave's arrow,
the last flame of a spitting fire,
the fierce growl of a crying wolf

My cupboard is crafted from diamond ore
and secrets and clouds,
with spirits on the lid and ancestors in the corners.
Its hinges are the pointed beaks of golden eagles.
I shall fire arrows in my cupboard!

By Jake

The Magic Cupboard

I will put into my magic cupboard
the destructive growl of a wild wolf,
the ear-splitting shriek of a war cry,
the first tear of an Indian brave.

My cupboard is crafted from gold with
stars on the lid and secrets in the corners.
Its hinges are the talons of eagles.
I shall ride in my cupboard over valleys and
glide into my blue bed.

By Charlie

The Magic Cupboard

I will put into my magic cupboard
One lasting howl from a deadly wolf,
A single drop of blood from a warring chief,
The first dream from an Indian child.

I will put into my magic cupboard
The distant wish from a twilight moon,
One gliding spark from an Iroquois fire,
The floating feather from a vibrant headdress.

I will put into my magic cupboard
An ancient spirit's last word,
The most radiant totem pole,
The first shot from a petrifying war.

My magic cupboard is carved from
Snow and wood and diamonds,
With stars on the lid
And spirits in the corners.
Its hinges are the teeth of a wolf.

I shall war in my cupboard
On the bloody fields ahead
Then run to my tepee
The colour of the land.

By Amelie

Every single poem is beautifully written and we will present them for study work so that all parents get the chance to read their child's poem too. Elsbeth and Arabella even used their work in class and wrote beautiful poems at home. Well done girls, they were excellent.

This afternoon, we continued work on Islam in R.E., enjoyed computing with Miss Pennance, and we've completed even more study work.

What a busy and productive week. Have a good rest this weekend all.

Miss Lake

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