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Welcome to Y3!

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What an amazing first week in Y3 we have had! This week we've been ancient artefact explorers, place value experts and terrific tomb designers!

In Maths this week, we got straight into our learning! We started by looking at identifying numbers to 100 and we learnt that numbers can be represented in different ways! This led us to draw numbers as pictures, we used base 10 equipment to help us! We used our Power Maths books to represent numbers to a 1000 and finished the week by recapping 100s, 10s and 1s and identifying the place value of a digit! Well done, Y3 — a super effort this week!

In Book Club this week, we spent time handing out our brand new reading diaries whilst also having the opportunity to visit the Y3/4 library! Later in the week we also got to see our reading website:
www.y3reading.weebly.com — On the website you can play reading games, do quizzes and leave book reviews for reading challenge books! On Thursday we each picked a reading challenge book! Remember that each book read and reviewed is a headteacher's award!

In English we focused upon expanded noun phrases to help us with our descriptive writing as next week we will be doing character descriptions. We recapped nouns and adjectives and worked hard to use these in our writing. We wrote amazing expanded noun phrases using a 'Where's Wally Ancient Egypt' picture! Well done!

Throughout the week, we delved into our topic through BIG ART. We worked hard to paint our tomb full of hieroglyphics and detail — take a look! We also sketched artefacts and on Friday looked at some of the Egyptian Gods in detail — sketching and labelling them!

In History we view Ancient Egypt evidence through museum artefact pictures! We guessed and thought about the different artefacts including a cat statue, pyramids and even canopic jars (which some of us thought were bowling pins!), finding out that they were used to store body organs (EWW!). We will continue our investigations next week!

In Computing this week, we spent time exploring the new Code Studio course using the iPads and then spent some time playing Prodigy to boost our place value knowledge!

On Friday we gave out homework for the week and finished by reading to the Y2s!

Y3, you've been fantastic this week and I can't wait to start exploring our topic together!

Have a fantastic weekend,

Mr Dale

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